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The FRHD News issue #7

Discussion in 'Old News papers' started by FREEZ, Oct 4, 2014.


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  1. The FRHD News awards were fair

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  2. The FRHD News awards were not fair! (elaborate in the comments)

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  3. "best ghost award" is a good idea (elaborate)

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  4. "best ghost award" is not a good idea (again, elaborate)

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  5. I would like something humorous in the News

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  6. ^No reason for it.

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  7. The WheelieMaker Interview was good

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  8. The WheelieMaker Interview was not good (elaborate)

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  1. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    FRHD News awards:

    Track Maker of the day
    This award was hard to figure out because ever since the "50 coins to upload", change (see The FRHD News~Special News Report~ ) there have been many "spammy" tracks, which makes my job harder. Nevertheless, I was able to find today's recipient "TrackMakers" (not a forum member) for his awesome track (MTB) Mountain Rumble . This fun track has loops, jumps, and the starting detail is awesome. It does suffer from a lack of checkpoints, but it is still an awesome track. Try it out!

    Top 5 trending tracks:
    • #5 goes to The city by Cahir (a forum member because of the FRHD News!) This track utilizes some backtracking techniques to make the ride longer and more enjoyable. It also features a good amount of checkpoints.
    • #4 is Generation by Tremulant . Given that it is one of the hardest trials out there, and it has no checkpoints, one would wounder why it is on the top 5? The answer is it's amazing "graffiti". Tremulat has drawn amazing artwork (amazing for Free Rider HD anyway).
    • #3 is Silent Night by Max007x . I don't really know how to describe this track, other than it is a water track where the biker has to collect all the stars. He also made a forum post on it here
    • #2 is Gravity Mania by LucJohnson. This has some pretty awesome tiers, and it utilizes gravity (duh) and "track-re-usage" to make this track seem different and unique.
    • And #1 is...Gravity Mania 2 by also LucJohnson! This track keeps the same perks of the original (see #2!), but the actual track is different enough to have the feeling of a fresh ride.
    Best Tracks of the Week:
    this is the section where we of the FRHD news bring your some of the best new tracks.
    Like I said with the "Track Maker of the Day" It has been incredibly hard to sort through all those tracks, but I have been able to come up with a list
    1. is Gravity Mania 2 by LucJohnson . This track keeps the same perks of the original (see #1!), but the actual track is different enough to have the feeling of a fresh ride.
    2. The Silent Mountain by JacobCahoon . This track has more of a "trials" style than most mountain tracks, but the simple detail and fun ride leave little to be desired.
    3. Can YOU think of an awesome recently made track? just comment below and it might get added! (NO self-advertising though!)
    This has been FREEZ FRHD News team content-editor/Jounalist

    Possible new FRHD News features :
    Last issue JacobCahoon suggested a new award: best ghost award.
    this could mean your luckiest ghost, a ghost where you hold #1, etc.
    Answer the poll and comment below telling us what you think about this idea!

    Also, Content editor FREEZ has noticed a lack of "content". To possibly fill this void he suggested that the FRHD News could have something funny and humorous. Whether it be something small and simple like a small story, to something big like a web-comic.
    What does the community think? Answer the poll!

    FRHD News team interviews: WheelieMaker!

    Hi all! Today The FRHD News interviews the track maker called WheelieMaker !

    FREEZ Hello WeelieMaker. Can you tell all us what "WheelieMaker2" is about. Why do you have 2 users?

    WheelieMaker I made WheelieMaker2 because I didn't know how to log in to my original account, since it was already created before I registered. Then after about 20 attempts I finally figured out the password. I now use WheelieMaker2 for the database and WheelieMaker with the forums.

    F: Okay. After you claimed your new account, why do you continue to post tracks as WheelieMaker2?

    W: I still post tracks on WheelieMaker2 because one day I accidentally posted a track on it without realizing I was on the account, so I just continued to post tracks on it. I might start posting old classic tracks on the WheelieMaker account.

    F: What is your story of the making of your latest track: Seminal ?

    W: It was for a contest on Black Hat Rider last year in July. The contest was called the Remix Contest. Remix contest was a contest where you remixed old classic tracks mainly from Canvas Rider, and I actually placed first in that round. Original track link:http://canvasrider.com/tracks/791944

    F: And an we be expecting more tracks from you in the near future?

    W: You can be expecting a lot more tracks from me in the future, near future? Maybe some tracks, it takes me a while to make tracks with school and homework in the way. About a month ago I was actually thinking about quitting trackmaking, I had no motivation to do anything. But, for some reason a boost of motivation hit me and I'm making tracks whenever I can. So yeah, expect some great things from me in the future.

    F:What exactly is the Grey Group (GG)? how (and where) was it started? How did you become "Manager"?

    W: Grey Group is a group of track makers. We chat (mostly on Facebook), make tracks and have fun. GG was started on Black Hat Rider, but is now on FRHD. GG started with about 3-4 people and now we're up to 12 members! I became manager because I started the group, I am the official manager and owner of the group.

    This has been FREEZ FRHD News team content-editor/Journalist (JacobCahoon Is the main interviewer, but I am stepping in for him today)

    Thank you for reading the FRHD News

    want to read past issues? then go here http://community.freeriderhd.com/threads/all-frhd-news-issues.869/

    Want to write articles for the News? PM me to auditon!
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014
  2. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    Updated this :)
  3. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

  4. Coolman2

    Coolman2 Well-Known Member Official Author

  5. Coolman2

    Coolman2 Well-Known Member Official Author

  6. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    dope? whataya mean dope? your in this!
    Yes to what?
  7. YoYo124

    YoYo124 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Great. I love that. Keep doing that.
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  8. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    what do you say about the two possible new features?
  9. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    Dope is a good thing lol, it means "cool" or something like that.
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  10. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    It means drugs where I come from :)

    thanks though!
  11. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    It means that too. "Dope" is what drug addicts say when they think something is cool, because they think drugs are cool. People like WheelieMaker say "dope" not because they are drug addicts, but because the term "dope" has worked its way into modern slang the same way "yo", "dog", "homie", and "tight" have.

    For example:
    "Yo home dog that's hella tight, bra." Does NOT mean that the yo-yo's house pet has a really tight bra on. It actually means "Hey buddy, that's really cool!"
  12. crane

    crane Well-Known Member Official Author

    This is the whitest conversation that has ever happened
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  13. codrey

    codrey Guest

    FREEZ in my opinion, the third best track should be JacobCahoon 's "The Hushed Mountians" a really fun, detailed track that was uploaded last night. It really deserves 3rd place!
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  14. LucJohnson

    LucJohnson Well-Known Member Official Author

    I think that came out after the news was made codrey. But yes your are right :D
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  15. codrey

    codrey Guest

  16. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hey, at least you made our jobs easier for the next issue ;)
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  17. LucJohnson

    LucJohnson Well-Known Member Official Author

    Haha yeh codrey
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  18. codrey

    codrey Guest

    I'm glad i was able to help! :thumbsup:
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  19. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    7? Where and when was 2-6
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  20. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    You missed them all :p
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