Why is the teleporter for official authors only?

Discussion in 'Misc questions.' started by TheTekkit101, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. TheTekkit101

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    Read the title.
    Also how do you become one?
  2. weem

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    not sure why it’s out for official authors only

    and to get OA make good tracks or ask char
  3. TheTekkit101

    TheTekkit101 Member

    Will asking him really work?
  4. Slayed

    Slayed Well-Known Member Official Author

    I've noticed that they have started to reign in the OA privileges (have to verify tracks etc).
    This goes hand in hand with what Max007x said
    And also makes it seem that higher author ranks are coming in the future (elite, feat, etc)
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  5. beemoboy

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    how come this is a question and Char hasn't commented?
  6. pssst

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    I think it’s dumb to have only a few people have access to an update. Unless this is a move to get people to pay for Pro.
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  8. TheTekkit101

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