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Update v2.3.7 Release to Apple App Store and Google Play!

Discussion in 'Mobile ( iOS / Android )' started by Eric, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member Staff Member Forum Moderator Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    New in this release:
    - Added 20 more heads to collect bringing the total to 200!
    - Reduced game size
    - Improved stability and performance of rewarded videos
    - Misc bug fixes and performance improvements

    - Shop to home screen
    - Rewards added to shop
    - Track of the Day!

    Download the mobile app: https://www.freeriderhd.com/mobile
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  2. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    Nice job:thumbsup: When is an update to the webpage coming?
  3. Nitr0gen

    Nitr0gen Member Official Author

    Is there any approximate time as to when the mobile app will be updated? I'd love it if you'd also add track creator.

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