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Change Track Editor Uploading

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Hey all,

    Pushed out a change yesterday that will impact all track authors with the exception of official (because you are official that means we "trust" you).

    To upload tracks:
    - you must have completed the track in the editor without adding anymore lines, stars or powerups
    - you cannot complete a track in 0 seconds

    This should help reduce those impossible tracks or ones that posted through scores with 0 seconds. This is to help with the increase of tracks that have been posted recently.

    We hit a major hiccup with the "Skip Coins" feature, that I will be trying to iron out today and get released but it is now looking like next week unless I get some big break through in the next couple of hours.
  2. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yes! I hope you get some big break through for the skip feature! :)
  3. FREEZ

    FREEZ Active Member Official Author

    I dont think that the skip feature is nessisary. It (probably) couldnt hurt though.

    And THANK YOU for this update. Just as important as campaigns in my eyes...

    PS: JacobCahoon , write an article. Give it time to see if it improves the quality of new tracks though. I'm in no hurry.
    Cryogenic likes this.
  4. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    About the skip feature, we don't need it, the new guys do. There are some tracks that new riders can't finish so they leave the game. If there was a skip feature they could skip the one they had trouble with and come back to it later. About the article, I will, but I am writing an informative essay about Columbus right now. :(
    FREEZ likes this.
  5. FREEZ

    FREEZ Active Member Official Author

    You have a point

    That's alright. just when ever. Or if this will take like 3 days, I could do it. But no rush ;)
    Cryogenic likes this.
  6. speedy__XD

    speedy__XD Well-Known Member Official Author

    Sounds good guys! Keep up the good work!
  7. TheSouthAmericanGuy

    TheSouthAmericanGuy Active Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    THANK YOU!!!! I'm tired of pressing random and getting a really bad, impossible track. I think this is a great change!
    FREEZ likes this.
  8. TheSouthAmericanGuy

    TheSouthAmericanGuy Active Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but I found some bugs in the track creator.
    1: Random invisible 'pixels of death' appear, which makes you die. You cannot see or erase them, and they can ruin a great track, especially hold ups and autos.
    2: The track is not exactly the same when you insert a code. The change is not visible, but when I was creating a really cool hold up, and it got ruined because of that. I replayed it over and over again before exporting the track, and the next day when I imported the code, it didn't work.
    I'm not the only one to notice these bugs, stoopywoopy noticed the second bug and ShelbyLowry has noticed the first. Please fix them!!!! :)

    I also have an idea that would make detailing easier and better. Having a fill tool would be great, so for example you create a square [] and then using the fill tool you press in the middle of it and it turns into a black or grey square, depending on if you are using physics line or scenery line. It would be great for backgrounds, and any other detailing, like the spikes in my 'No Escape' track.

    Thanks and I hope you find this useful! ;)
  9. FREEZ

    FREEZ Active Member Official Author

    Fill tool has been sugested OVER AND OVER AGAIN... And I hate the idea... Go to FR2.org and look at the "color" tracks. I think a fill tool would be another version of that. I have maintained strong opposition to this point ever since the idea was first proposed (or when I first heard it).

    PS: did they revert the coin cost back to the good 250?? I hate the spammy tracks that have emerged because of the 50 cost... :(
  10. TheSouthAmericanGuy

    TheSouthAmericanGuy Active Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Yeah, 'color' tracks WOULD ruin FRHD. I was thinking more of just the plain physics line and scenery line filling, but you are totally right. I can still fill in with billions of lines! ;D :D But really, you are right. Free rider in color would just be a different game and would ruin the awesomeness of FRHD.
  11. DarkPlant

    DarkPlant Member

    Awesome, Thanks For Trusting us-
    Lollipoop00 and Cryogenic like this.
  12. Onyxical

    Onyxical Casual Member Official Author

    I don't know why, but I can't publish my track.
  13. Zycerak

    Zycerak *_* Elite Author Official Author your flesh will rot soon funniest member of 2021 fucking dumbass

    Awarded Medals
    click 'publish" at the top and then click the blue button that says "upload" at the bottom , hope this helps
  14. Onyxical

    Onyxical Casual Member Official Author

    But it keeps on saying "You must complete your track before uploading", donno why.
  15. dantexpress

    dantexpress Chuggin' Along Elite Author Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    that is because you don't have OA. if you don't have OA, you must complete the track (ie get all the stars) in its entirety before you can publish. even if you make a minor modificaion to the track, you must first complete it before you can upload it. once you have OA, you can upload a track without having to complete it.

    but, you would know all of that if you read the first post :mad::mad:
    a_drain and CHARREDLIZARD21 like this.

    HATEYOU Well-Known Member Official Author

    hey Eric
    Legolas445 get OA and he only has awful tracks... how can it be that this guy gets OA and i asked all admins (you too) and still waiting for answer?
    a_drain likes this.
  17. Unadvertised

    Unadvertised Well-Known Member Official Author

    HATEYOU, there are no requirements to get OA. It just depends if an admin is on or not. If you are even going to ask an admin for oa link your account and link around 2 tracks. More info: https://community.freeriderhd.com/threads/new-member-info.12819/ (ik ur not a new member)
  18. Methodical

    Methodical Well-Known Member Official Author

    HATEYOU I'm not sure if Totoca12 is able to but if he is I would recommend asking him! He's really nice and I don't see why he would say no! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2021
    HATEYOU and Totoca12 like this.

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