1. Hey Guest, Pie42 and Ness have released an update for the FRHD track editor, with new features including a select tool and object tool option!

    Check it out here
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Update track editor 1.1

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Ness, Jul 8, 2024 at 6:02 AM.

  1. Ness

    Ness dream machine Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator VIP Member Of The Year 2023 Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    hey everyone! Pie42 and I have updated the FRHD track editor! as shown in the trailer, we've included new trackmaking and ghosting tools, features, and improvements, along with new implementations of tools and scripts from the community. we hope you enjoy!

    check it out here:

    Free Rider track editor v1.1

    new tools and options:
    • circle tool - draw a circle from a center point. on the bottom toolbar, the "Segment Length" slider changes the length of lines in your circle.
    • select tool - select lines and powerups in your track and move, scale, rotate, and flip the selection, or select points to change their position.
    • object tool option - import or select your object, click the cube icon on either toolbar, and place objects with the line tools.
    more features:
    • start position - press the "Set Start Position" button on the bottom toolbar and drag Pete to change where the rider starts in your track.
    • snap near - line snap now snaps to the nearest line endpoint, and now you can snap the second point of your line and powerups.
    • line trim - eraser tool now has a "Line Trim" option that only erases the section of the line your eraser touches.
    • grid options - along with grid size, you can change the grid type between standard and isometric, and between visible, hidden, or no-snap grid.
    • camera options - with the camera tool selected, set the camera speed and choose the type of camera movement on the bottom tool bar.
    • change keybinds - in the "Hotkeys" and "Controls" menus, select a button and press a new key to change the keybind.
    • new import dialog - type a track name in the import text field and press import to load a track, or press add to combine with the current track.
    • new export dialog - when exporting, see your line and powerup counts, and you can now choose the file name when saving as file.
    ghosting tools:
    • rewind - places a checkpoint every game tick, allowing you to rewind using backspace.
    • old-timer - when returning to checkpoints, the timer returns to the time the checkpoint was collected.
    • slow-mode - the rider is constantly in the state of slow-motion, and this slows the timer as well.
    • bike/vehicle data - shows the head angle and speed of the rider.
    • visible hitboxes - shows the masses and springs for the bikes and vehicles.
    • input display - shows the keys that are pressed.
    new mods:
    • mario mode
    • invincible rider
    • invisible rider
    • no clip
    • mini-bike
    • "x" to crouch
    • "x" to fly with a propeller
    • old-school front brake
    ...and more! check back later for a full changelog.

    this new editor is built from a combination of Char's Offline Editor and Polygon's Mod with added functionality. if you haven't checked out the full bug fix/update list for Polygon's Mod, you can find it here.

    I want to express my gratitude and share credit with all of the developers that made this possible. Pie42, Char, Polygon, Calculus, pinn, and everyone else that either directly contributed, laid the foundation, or helped along the way. I love this game and I deeply appreciate everyone who continues to give it life.

    as a disclaimer, this is not meant to be a replacement for or an alternative to Free Rider HD. the purpose of the new track editor is to help trackmakers to hone their craft and ghosters to practice their skills, not as a place to publish tracks and make ghosts. if you're looking for an improved DB experience, Calculus is doing a great job with Free Rider Lite.

    check out the post below for more info about the object tool option and how you can contribute to this project!
  2. Ness

    Ness dream machine Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator VIP Member Of The Year 2023 Official Author

    Awarded Medals

    if you've used the dream machine track editor, you're likely familiar with how objects work! but here's a bit of a deep dive into the new tool option.

    first things first, clicking on the cube icon on either toolbar will open the "Import Object" dialog. here you can select from pre-made objects or import your own using a track code. not only can you have objects made of physics and scenery lines, but powerups as well!

    you can also use the select tool to select a part of your track and press "Copy Selection as Object" on the bottom toolbar to create an object. the select tool and object tool option share most features and controls, so most information here can be applied to the select tool as well!

    once you have your object, you can transform it (hold control to see transformation data) using the following controls:
    • r - rotate clockwise
    • s - scale up
    • f - flip horizontally
    • i - invert line type
    • shift + r - rotate counterclockwise
    • shift + s - scale down
    • shift + f - flip vertically
    • shift + arrow keys - change offset (position of your object relative to your cursor and the center point for transformations)
    to place an object, choose any of the line tools, make sure the cube is selected on the right toolbar, and place your objects like you would place lines. the straight line tool allows you to place one object at a time, but you can also make curves, circles, or use the object as a brush! try using the segment length sliders, and press the "Options" button for the brush tool to see some cool object brush options, like rotation and scaling based on mouse movement and brush jitter.

    as you use the line tools, you're also able to use grid and snap options! this will snap your cursor to the grid or to the closest line endpoint. in combination with changing the object offset, this allows for more precision in placing your objects. pressing "Grid" or "Snap" on the bottom toolbar opens up their respective settings, and pressing "Object" shows you the buttons to import, export, or clear objects.

    with the introduction of objects, there's an opportunity for trackmakers to share assets like track parts and brushes! these could be trees, clouds, outlines, patterns, any thing you find is helpful to use as an object. if you'd like to contribute by sharing objects, just send the codes my way (give them cute/informative names!) and I'll create a folder with your username in the "Import Object" dialog. the organization of the folders is subject to change though. remember these will be available to everyone to use as they please!

    if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! and any bugs you find or ideas you have, let us know! this editor is for all of you.
  3. Ness

    Ness dream machine Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator VIP Member Of The Year 2023 Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    2024-07-11 - bug fix
    • fix issue with temporary powerups getting duplicated
    • fix issue with single selected powerups not copying correctly
    2024-07-08 - initial release
  4. Volund

    Volund ithring VIP Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Pie42 Ness goats. do yall take donations or anything for this??

    so so motivating, firing up the editor rn. cant wait to see the sorts of things players can do with all these new tools, biggest change to trackmaking since god knows when
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  5. CK9C

    CK9C Active Member Official Author

    This is really cool!! :)
  6. Rayb25

    Rayb25 Certified Freak Elite Author Official Author

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    what a time to be alive. thank you nesski and cutiepie42.
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  7. Cerasium

    Cerasium Find your purpose. Ghosting Legend Official Author

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  8. alexander

    alexander Forum Legend VIP Official Author

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  9. MuchoPanda

    MuchoPanda Well-Known Member Official Author

    fantastic work ness and pie42, putting it to use immediately :p:thumbsup:
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  10. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst You're about to miss EVERYTHING VIP Official Author

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    Y'all are ******. You thought I was autistic already
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  11. Stig

    Stig Stig VIP Official Author

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    best update that ever happened to this game
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  12. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst You're about to miss EVERYTHING VIP Official Author

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    :mad:?dfsfgkl'adewiou fr eijou fgijoerf g;klvrthjiygeoru gbju80deri9 -df \rfg

    Ness full ****.
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  13. SirHuman01

    SirHuman01 Active Member Official Author

    I have two words for this:
    game changer.

    epic, massive, complete W's to ness, cal, pie, polygon, pinn, and char.
  14. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    Been waiting for an update for this thank you mods :thumbsup:
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  15. CHuguley

    CHuguley Well-Known Member Official Author

    Made this smooth loop in 3 clicks LOL this is revolutionary
  16. loge_0

    loge_0 ⁡⁡⁡⁡⁡ VIP Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    genuinely mind blown
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  17. cmLd

    cmLd Member Official Author

    *finally an update that can make me have effort to make tracks..* I’m so bored of ghosting rn
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    HATEYOU Well-Known Member Official Author

    only for the app...booo
  19. SirHuman01

    SirHuman01 Active Member Official Author

    ^ fr... tampermonkey script when
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  20. Ness

    Ness dream machine Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator VIP Member Of The Year 2023 Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    appreciate the love guys!

    no plans to monetize or accept donations at the moment! all for the love of the game.

    building on freerider.app gives us a lot more freedom in what we can do. I’m personally interested in making some scripts for Calculusmod manager when it comes out, but I’m not too keen to play in Kano’s yard so to speak.
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