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Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    Another reason for supporting this feature. :)
  2. Hashplant

    Hashplant Well-Known Member Official Author

    Would be perfect
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  3. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
  4. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    Shouldn't be that difficult to work around.. Only allow a fill if there is a solid box built around it.

    Sounds good to me.
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  5. Cesar

    Cesar Well-Known Member

    will codes from FR3 be workable on FRHD when the time comes to upload?
  6. Velksy

    Velksy Administrator Administrator Forum Moderator

    Yes, however during the initial release please make sure to check that nothing has been broken during the transfer process.
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  7. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    track code, currently is encoded in (crockford?) base32 and in the form of x1;y1:x2;y2. it would be somewhat easy to do, (insignificant knowledge of html5: <canvas> blablblabla grd.addColorStop("black")) but the main problem is, a line would have to be generated for every pixel length on the fill, i can see this increasing loadtime tenfold and possible intense lag.
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  8. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    If only it was as easy as the "Fill" tool in Paint...
    Sorry for my lack of HTML knowledge.. All I know how to do in HTML is <html> and </html> .. I don't even know if that is correct.. I haven't done HTML is years.

    Although.. Do all lines have a round end to them? If there is a way to control if they can have square ends, maybe it would be possible to fill a box with one giant line that covers the whole empty space?
    Then again.. Doing this will probably lead to rewriting all of the track code logic. Never mind.
  9. Cesar

    Cesar Well-Known Member

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  10. Coffee

    Coffee Well-Known Member Official Author

    know you have it as nice to have, but it would be really cool to have a curve tool for scenery.

    Please no color.
  11. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    It looks like we will be able to release the scenery with a curve tool on first release, in the version I saw today Char had scenery curve tool working.
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  12. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    pssst t, that's what I thought.
    Sono True dat. It would be possible, if they tweak the track code, making it possible for the track to have polygons.
  13. DarkPlant

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  14. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    Ash You kind of look like Chuck Norris but with a slightly different beard and a haircut.
  15. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    Welp, very little. I think you only remember Chuck Norris by his beard.
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  16. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    It"s mostly the hair color and the expression on his face
  17. fil

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  18. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    The color you used is hard to look at so I changed it.
    fil = Green
    Me = Blue
  19. fil

    fil Well-Known Member Official Author

    Sorry about your idea part
  20. Dominic951

    Dominic951 Well-Known Member

    Of course it was my idea!

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