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Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Eric

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    Hey All,

    Just wanted to post a note on where we are at with the track creator for FRHD.

    April has been quite the month, I have missed about a week from getting married and Charlie was out for just about the same amount of time with a nasty cold so we have slipped a bit on our dev tasks.

    Our plan was to try to release this week but we had a trip to SF planned (where we are now) showing off FRHD combined with the loss of 2 weeks dev time so we are re-targeting to get track uploading for coins next week.

    We understand there is some concerns with charging coins to upload tracks but we will attempt to balance so that it is not too demanding for a new player as well as taking into account that there are a lot of veteran track creators that no longer ride but would like to continue to upload tracks. Our ultimate goal is to reward authors with coins depending on the success of their tracks which would make it easier to upload tracks for those that submit ones received well by the community, those track authors that have been in the Free Rider community for years we will do our best to make sure you can upload tracks at your own pace, for newer players they will have to work up to that level.

    Anyways, next week is our goal to release track uploading so stay tuned!
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  2. fil

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  3. Pityboy

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    Thanks for the update. For the coins for uploading track issue, how about charging users with an increasing amount of coins based on the number of tracks they upload? For example, a user will be charged 2 coins for the first track upload, 5 for the second and 10 for the third etc. etc.
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  4. ThomasSutton

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    Thanks for the update, sounds great! I already have 1,000 coins saved, can't wait to spend them. I hope cosmetic items come out soon :)
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  5. Blaze06h

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    We understand the delay. Next week is not that far anyway knowing how close to the update we are now. C:

    How would that help?
    Hmm... presuming thumbs ups give you coins, is it like that if new player makes a good track he'll get enough coins for making his next one or a bad creator will not have enough coins upload another track?
    Actually, it would be probably nicer if the price remains static, and instead be higher initial price.
    But thinking deeper, I wonder why points aren't used as qualification for uploading tracks and let thumbs up gives you coins.
    Instead of points getting depleted after each upload, why not have such that you have a time period after which you can upload you next track?
    This time limit will get reduced depending on the amount of coins you currently have. But then after a rethought, riders who do not play the game may just wait and upload their next bad track?
    But the question is: will a person really wait for uploading bad track instead of playing the game and understanding it?

    Okay enough of that, I'm myself tired of that weird post.
  6. Pityboy

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    points are for fame.
  7. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    in the game
    But the whole point (not frhd points obviously) of costing coins for uploading tracks is to prevent players spamming bad tracks.
    Points can be used to determine how many tracks he/she has completed, that is, how much he/she actually plays the game.
    The idea of coins for uploading is that a player must play the game to upload tracks. Points do the same.
    My idea isn't that well-thought because I thought that in a minute or so, but that's my try.
  8. Dominic951

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    What about the Daily Reward?
  9. Dominic951

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    So do I.

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