The High Road

Discussion in 'Tracks' started by JerryAxi, Nov 11, 2017.

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    something that has been in the works for at least about 2 months now, with my on and off work. Inspired by my summer trip to Wyoming (ironic because it's almost winter where I live), and I tried many new styles and ways of shaping.

    Enjoy :)
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    oh wow Im sorry that was meant to be in a different thread.
  4. JDMonts

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    love the track though the artwork is great:)
  5. Volund

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    Well-detailed and great length, I think something you should set out to do (now that you have nailed the basics of detailing) is to start drawing some stuff to accompany your environment. The detail was great, but with exception to those houses you really didn't have much to break it up with. You should start drawing things you're interested in, along with your trees, rocks etc

    Nonetheless a great track
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    It's a great track! You could add in some objects that stand out a little more as the track goes on, because it becomes a little monotonus. However, your detail is amazing!
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