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The FRHD News issue #8

Discussion in 'Old News papers' started by FREEZ, Oct 6, 2014.


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  1. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    We will be having a new award added onto the FRHD News! The award is called "Best Ghosts". This means that you can comment your best ghosts that you made in the past month. So copy your URL, add "/r/(the awesome guy)", and paste it into the comments box. We will choose 3 of the best ghosts that we have been shown. Once we choose 3, those 3 will be featured in the next issue. That means if you comment on this issue, you might see your ghost in the next issue. I've decided to choose 3 ghosts that I saw that were awesome, to show you what the award will look like.
    1. http://www.freeriderhd.com/t/55539-sumatran-rainforest/r/asierro
    2. http://www.freeriderhd.com/t/50045-brainwashed/r/MTB12
    3. http://www.freeriderhd.com/t/57072-generation/r/GiSTeAmGoiDcl

    This has been JacobCahoon , FRHD News team Journalist/Interviewer

    FRHD News Partner Spotlight: Author of the day #2
    FRHD News awards:

    Track Maker of the day
    goes to JacobCahoon for his
    The Hushed Mountains track. this is a truly awesome detailed track. check it out!

    Top 5 trending tracks:

    • #5 is Generation by Tremulant . Given that it is one of the hardest trials out there, and it has no checkpoints, one would wounder why it is on the top 5? The answer is it'samazing "graffiti". Tremulat has drawn amazing artwork (amazing for Free Rider HD anyway).
    • #4 is Silent Night by Max007x . I don't really know how to describe this track, other than it is a water track where the biker has to collect all the stars. He also made a forum post on it here
    • #3 is Gravity Mania by LucJohnson. This has some pretty awesome tiers, and it utilizes gravity (duh) and "track-re-usage" to make this track seem different and unique.
    • #2 is The Hushed Mountains by our very own JacobCahoon ! This is a very fun track, and it is highly detailed. check it out!
    • And #1 is...Gravity Mania 2 by also LucJohnson! This track keeps the same perks of the original (see #3!), but the actual track is different enough to have the feeling of a fresh ride.
    Best Tracks of the Week:
    this is the section where we of the FRHD news bring your some of the best new tracks. There will be none this issue though because last issue was less than a week ago.

    This has been FREEZ FRHD News team content-editor/Jounalist

    FRHD News interviews: Elibloodthirst!

    The FRHD News interview JacobCahoon interviewed Elibloodthirst (deadrising2 in-game) for the FRHD News!
    JacobCahoon : When did you start playing FRHD, as in the older versions.
    Elibloodthirst : I started making free rider tracks back in 2008, I joined fr2db.fr when I was in year 8. 7th September to be precise. Still, haven't looked back.

    J: How did you come up with your latest track?
    E: Hmm, my latest track was Yellow, I just do what I always do in terms of sprite tracks, hire a slave monkey to do my bidding. Jk, I collabed with someone I met irl and made some sprites from a sweet track he made and then detailed it accordingly, I was rather rusty though.

    J: How long did it take for you to make your latest track?
    E: About 3 weeks in the end, although it was in the nether for about a year.

    J: When did you make Lust♂? (For those of you who don't know, this track is the biggest track on FRHD with 4600kb!)
    E: August 13th 2013 - Dec 7th 2013.

    J: Why did you make Lust♂?
    E: I made Lust♂ from the memories of my summer with a user I met on here, who I am dating.

    J: How long did it take to make Lust♂?
    E: I can't remember how long exactly, must of spent 200hrs + on it, the castle was the bulk of Lust♂ though.

    J: Are you a self-taught artist?
    E: Yeah, kinda. I just tried to get better over the years, seeing other peoples work kinda helps though but I do keep my own unique style though.

    J: How long did it take you to get so good at drawing?
    E: I'm good? Idk, must of been 3 years to get anywhere but I wouldn't say I'm good, just better. We all have room for improvements.

    J: Why do you like to draw sprites?
    E: It's how my mind works. I love to make things with squares, it's easier to create something that way than making something with straight or curved lines. It's also easier to spot mistakes.

    J: Are we expecting a new track from you anytime soon?
    E: I currently have a plethora of tracks coming this way, a new album called Summer of Hate (Summer series 2014) is coming your way, with 3 main series tracks and 4 other tracks from previous series coming your way. May not be for a few months though.

    Well thank you Elibloodthirst ! Everyone go check out the amazing tracks that he has made!

    This has been JacobCahoon FRHD News Journalist / Interviewer.

    FRHD News Humorous stories!
    We of the FRHD News have decided to expand the number constant articles. Hence; The FRHD News Humorous stories!
    Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual FRHD users -- living or dead -- is probably on purpose; even though this is an act of fiction (means this is FALSE)

    Our stories begins with two FRHD track makers, JacobCahoon and Sono . These users are currently in a conversation that they created discussing how to copy tracks. It went something like this:

    JacobCahoon : So! You know that wonderful track The Hushed Mountains by that weird FERTER person?

    Sono : Well, I know of it now

    JacobCahoon : Its not gonna get any likes because he never publicizes his tracks. I think I'm gonna copy it and become the 2nd most viewed free rider HD author of all time

    Sono : yeah, after me.

    JacobCahoon : Um, No. iTzChuckNorris .

    Sono : Ohhh. So I'll be 2nd and you'll be 3rd !

    JacobCahoon No, I'll be 2nd, and you'll be 5th or something.

    Sono : Then who would be 3rd and 4th? and I would be 2nd.

    1. FREEZ would be 3rd because of his Amazingly-wonderful-awesomly-amazing Skate Park Two Dee track. and Obama would be 4th... I don't know why, but for some reason he is.
    2. andno I WOULD BE 2ND! OKAY?????

    FREEZ : can you guys shut up?

    Sono : um...

    JacobCahoon : how did you get in here?


    To be continued!~ Well, probably not!

    -This has been FREEZ , FRHD News team content-edior/Journalist

    Thank you for reading the FRHD News:
    Main journalist/Interviewer: JacobCahoon . Content Editor/Award Finder/Humorous writer: FREEZ . Grammar editor: Sono

    want to read past issues? then go here http://community.freeriderhd.com/threads/all-frhd-news-issues.869/

    Want to write articles for the News? PM me to audition!
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2014
  2. LukeSpecogna

    LukeSpecogna Well-Known Member Official Author

    Cool you can interview me for your next news if you want to.
  3. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

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  4. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    You should make these every saturday :)

    Thanks for the interview.
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  5. LukeSpecogna

    LukeSpecogna Well-Known Member Official Author

  6. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    It looks like We post an issue every 3 or 4 days, twice a week.
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  7. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    I just realized I was track maker of the day! Thanks FREEZ
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  8. greg

    greg Well-Known Member

    I'm sure your newspapers will sell across the nation if you interview me. This is pretty creative stuff, keep up the stuff.
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    FERTER Well-Known Member Official Author

    Je N'ai Pas Bien COMPRIS Pourquoi parle de moi sur : Confus: je sais juste qu'il ya des copies de pistes MAIS à par ça je ne Comprends pas ... : D s'il te plaitJacobCahoon tu ( désolé d'écrire français maiss des fois je ne sais pas comment on dit ;) )
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  10. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    Or every other day.
    I do not like the fact that you went ahead and posted this way before I even had a chance to read it. I do not appreciate being in this "humorous" article without my consent, as it gives the wrong impression that I think copying tracks is funny even though you "disclaimed" it above. If we are a FRHD news TEAM, then start acting like you're part of one.
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  11. crane

    crane Well-Known Member Official Author

    Eh oh, we have a foreigner - I'll translate.
    "I didn't really understand what you were saying about me - confused - i understand up until the copying tracks thing but apart from that i dont understand" then he just flirts with JacobCahoon a bit.
    Oh sorry he actually said
    "Crane is cool"
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  12. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

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  13. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    FREEZ Read the comment above^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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  14. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    Tag me in it too.
  15. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

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  16. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    do you think it is ok to enter, I meant is it good enough??
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  17. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yeah, it's the first entry so far.
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  18. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    Oh AWESOME!! HAHAHA. I know it isn't exactly the best but all I can do is try...
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  19. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

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  20. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

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