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The FRHD News Issue #10

Discussion in 'Old News papers' started by FREEZ, Oct 16, 2014.


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  1. The FRHD news awards were fair

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  3. The ItZChuckNorris interview was good

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  5. I am glad that the humorous stories have been removed

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  1. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    FRHD News awards:

    Track Maker of the day:
    Goes to TiMartin1069 for his amazing America track. This track explores famous landmarks of the USA. It is very fun to ride and has some awesome detail! It also got him the "Official Author" status! Check it out!
    Top 5 trending tracks:
    The trending list had a little surprise for us today: our very own JacobCahoon has four of his tracks on the top 5 trending!
    • #2 is Epic Escape by LucJohnson as well! In this fun action track it seems that you are a bank robber who has to escape to a boat to avoid getting arrested.
    • And #1 is.. Learning a new skill part 2 by our very own JacobCahoon . This undetailed track teaches the rider how to go through a tunnel that is not high enough for the rider to pass through.
    Best Tracks of the Week:
    This is the section where we, the FRHD News team, bring you some of the best new tracks.
    • America by TiMartin1069 This track explores famous landmarks of the USA. It is very fun to ride and has some awesome detail.
    • Are there any tracks made recently that you want to see in this list? just comment them here and they might be added!

    Best ghosts award:

    There have been very little submissions for this section! So please enter by commenting one of your best ghosts if you want to see this section filled!
    This has been FREEZ FRHD News team content-editor/Journalist

    FRHD News interviews: ItZChuckNorris!!!

    I had the pleasure to interview a free rider legend: iTzChuckNorris !

    FREEZ : What was your first track? Do you think you have you improved since then? (links please :D)
    iTzChuckNorris : http://canvasrider.com/tracks/190496 Is my oldest track on any database. I would say I have improved since then, considering I was 14 then. Now I am 20.

    F: How did you get to your state of this high esteem in the Free Rider world? Do you have any thoughts on that?
    ItZ: When Trackmill.com was in its heyday, I would spend a lot of time trying to get front page tracks, and I guess it paid off. A few people on the forums started to dislike me, but I didn't try to change what I was doing. It was pretty cool to see Canvas Rider become popular at my school and watch other people unknowingly play and comment on my tracks. Of course, I told them it was me.

    F: Tell us about your latest track : Gravity Cave
    ItZ: I basically just made it for the campaign. I was going to submit it with minimal detail, but I decided I should try to keep standards higher.

    F: Do you have any new tracks planned?
    ItZ: Not currently. The Canvas Rider Offline Editor always crashes and I am having a hard time getting used to the FRHD editor. It's mostly a lack of motivation, though.

    F: How does it feel now that campaigns are out? What is your opinion on Trackmillion no longer being the second most played track?
    ItZ: I'm not going to pretend like I wasn't watching the top played tracks. I don't think I've ever had the most plays on a single track on a web site (maybe trackmill, but I don't think there's a way to check), but top plays usually comes from an outside source. It would be nice to be top played, but it also doesn't really matter to me. I like the idea of campaigns, I just sometimes wonder if the tracks on it deserve the inevitable popularity. Some would wonder the same about my tracks, though. On the other hand, I think it's cool that newer tracks will have the opportunity to become top played.

    F: Do you have any advice for up-and-coming track creators?
    ItZ: Well I'm obviously not the best artist. So, the only advice I can give is make your tracks smooth and consistent with some average+ detail, and you will get good ratings. Try to be original, instead of just drawing forests, dirt jumps, etc.

    F: Well thanks for your time! We really appreciate it!

    This has been FREEZ , FRHD News team Journalist/content editor filling in for the normal interviewer JacobCahoon

    FRHD News Partner Spotlight: All Author of the Day Issues

    Humorous stories
    The FRHD News is discontinuing because the community killed the author felt that this section is unnecessary.
    Thank you for reading the FRHD News.

    Main journalist/Interviewer: JacobCahoon . Content Editor/Award Finder/Humorous writer: FREEZ . Grammar editor: Sono

    Want to read past issues? Then go here http://community.freeriderhd.com/threads/all-frhd-news-issues.869/

    PS: We will no longer be accepting The FRHD News team auditions. It is our opinion at press time that the team is large enough as it is.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2014
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  2. ThreeAreFour

    ThreeAreFour Well-Known Member Official Author

    Solid article. You guys need to get some standard info in though, I never know what is gonna be introduced or taken out with each issue.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2014
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  3. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    well the humorous was supposed to be standard, when
    somebody (open)
    WheelieMaker, maple, Eli, codrey
    said to remove it. And I was fine with that :D
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  4. TiMartin1069

    TiMartin1069 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Thanks everyone for the support of America. Already in the process of making tracks Cliff Rider #1 and #2
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  5. codrey

    codrey Guest

    Thanks guys for getting rid of the "humorous" section, i think this was a great article btw, love the interview with itzchucknorris!
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  6. Joelbmx

    Joelbmx Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yeah man that track was boss.
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  7. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

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  8. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member Staff Member Forum Moderator Administrator Official Author Featured Tracks Moderator

    Awesome post! Posted it to FRHD social pages.
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  9. armator

    armator Well-Known Member Official Author

    Wheres da comics?
    The interview was pretty cool, enjoyed reading it
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  10. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    I entered my ghost in, do you have it?? I think I sent the link in the issue 9 newsletter to Jacob and FREEZ
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  11. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

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  12. ookami_san

    ookami_san Well-Known Member Official Author

    I like this. Very interesting, and that interview was fun to read. Hope to see more coming soon. :)
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  13. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    He sucks too much for other sites. Thats not funny @ Itz

    ISLAMUSLIM Well-Known Member

    So you are the one who does that!
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  15. viiruMIAIMIAU

    viiruMIAIMIAU Well-Known Member Official Author

  16. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    Thanks guys for submitting!
    just post it here. i think i gtg soon
    you will, you will :D
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  17. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    Elibloodthirst ! I have a question! Issue 9 you wanted the humourous stuff removed. Now on the poll you are UNHAPPY that it was removed???
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  18. speedy__XD

    speedy__XD Well-Known Member Official Author

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  19. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Never said nothing
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  20. LucJohnson

    LucJohnson Well-Known Member Official Author

    FREEZ Who are you going to interview next??
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