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Switching Vehicles in the editor not working

Discussion in 'Is something broken? Let us know!' started by Pie42, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. Pie42

    Pie42 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'm having an issue with being unable to switch from MTB to BMX. Is anyone else experiencing this, and does anyone else know why it's happening? I tried reloading and opening a new tab, but those didn't work.
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  2. QuinnFederle

    QuinnFederle Well-Known Member Official Author

    my editor is super glitched rn. I cannot turn on camera lock, change brush color or change vehicles. probably because they are doing some updates
  3. Brett

    Brett Free Rider HD Developer Staff Member Official Author

    Yes I was working on some updates and broke the editor by accident. The editor should be back to normal. Let me know if you see other issues.
  4. QuinnFederle

    QuinnFederle Well-Known Member Official Author

    back to normal, thanks

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