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    A thread to talk about all things scary, creepy, etc. such as stories, real life events, or pictures so long they're forum appropriate :)

    To start off, I was reading about Chris Benoit, a really well known wrestler who ended up killing his family and himself. The whole thing is horrible, but really creepy for some reason. I mean, he killed his wife, then went to work, then came home, killed his son, then waited over a day to kill himself. I personally would've thought that it all happened within a very short amount of time, but for some reason it's really scary to know that he spaced out the time between the killings. Especially, since that was an ample amount of time for his 7 year old son to discover his dead mother.

    His motives were essentially a huge mystery, but the dude suffered so many concussions that I think it's safe to say the brain damage motivated him to do what he did.

    Also, WWE held a huge ceremony for him before they knew that he killed the rest of the family. I wonder how they felt after finding that out...
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    Today I heard that a lot of water was coming out of my exhaust... might have a blown head gasket... I am still yet to find out...
    for those people that don't know much about cars... it pretty much means "buy a new car" hahahah
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    A couple months ago two beloved members of my club were murdered by their 18 yr old son.
    i don't know why and i don't know what happened to the kid but one of the closest murders to me, i met the husband they day before.
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    global warming
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    Damn that's rough, sorry to hear about that man. Best of luck to you and your club
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    Oh shi*.... Im gonna have NIGHTMARES!!!!
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    This meme dying
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    poyzin says i will get a feat with this track... im not so sure. btw its a wip ............ Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.40.14 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.40.06 PM.png
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    That is not scary
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    i know.....whats scary is that poyzin thinks it will be a feat.
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    this is the scariest story in this thread so far!
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    I don't know if you are being sarcastic or not, but I do know that the track won't be a feat.
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    the joke was that you posted your track in a completely unrelated scary story thread like an idiot
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    A plane crashed within 100m of my house on a motorway and killed 11 people. That was the scariest day of my life.
    e; that was the biggest airshow disaster in the UK's history
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    I remember this, I was supposed to go see a WWE event on the day they found out he killed himself. F*ck you Benoit, not just for being a murderous scumbag but also for ruining my week as a young WWE fan

    I'll reply with some scary true happenings; (I'll see if I can remember the facts about these it's been a while since I heard of them)
    • On a farm in rural France a girl was either lost or kidnapped, a search party of police and locals found nothing. A few days later the parents received a call that their daughter had been found, so they went to get her. The found girl was similar to their daughter but there were red flags, as the girl spoke a different dialect and didn't recognize them. However the mother persisted that this was her daughter and dismissed the red flags as trauma-related. Soon after a freaky discovery was made by someone passing by the farm; a girl's body missing its head, and near the body was the skull of an older male. The clothes the girl wore when she went missing were neatly folded next to the body.
    • In the early 90's, a group of kids playing at recess found a head in a tree near their school's park. Police believe the head was tossed out of the window of a passing vehicle and got tangled in the branches. According to people who studied the head, the lady had some sort of condition that caused her head to tilt in a weird way, and a facial reconstruction sort-of police sketch photo made for a nightmare-fuel sketch in an attempt at getting someone to identify the victim, but nobody ever came forward.
    • this one is especially creepy A couple years ago, Kenny Veach, a youtuber and avid spelunker, made a video claiming he found some cave in the shape of a giant "M". Veach was super scared of entering it despite his other videos showing him eagerly exploring caves he finds in the desert wilderness, claiming his body vibrated as he stood at the entrance, he wanted to return with a firearm before he went back to explore it. An anonymous commenter wrote on one of his videos warning him of entering that cave, and saying if he did he would never make it out. Kenny replied asking why he says that, but the commenter never replied. His girlfriend told police after he went missing that he indeed went back looking for that cave. His cellphone was the only piece of evidence ever found of his whereabouts, but it was at the entrance of what was assumed to not be the, "M" cave. He still hasn't been found. Some people speculate it was suicide though, because apparently he had lost his job and was starting to act really weird around his loved ones.
    • Mary Reeser was a very perplexing case in the 1950s. Her landlady arrived at her house to deliver something when she found the doorknob to be abnormally hot. Once she entered, Mary's remains lied on the ground nearly completely burnt, her skull shrunken. Plastic objects in the room melted, but the house was otherwise unharmed from the apparent blaze. No walls were scorched. No smoke damage. Human combustion due to a lit cigarette was speculated but according to authorities the skull should have exploded due to such a blaze, not shrunk. Another speculated possibility was that the crime scene was staged, but that would mean that the criminal would have had to had been weird enough to go around the room melting objects.

    Let me know what you guys think of these, I have a lot more (as I watch & read a lot of creepy true crime stuff and whatnot)
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    one time i went to take a **** but i was outta toilet paper
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    I apologize...
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    reviving an old thread

    holy f*ck
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    what scares me sometimes are:
    • the possibly I'm a weirdo, and maybe everyone is just being nice or tolerating me
    • there is no purpose of life; everything is just pointless and there is no goal in life
    • whenever i consider the possibility that we cease to exist after we die
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