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Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by Happy_Salmon, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Happy_Salmon

    Happy_Salmon Active Member Official Author

    Now I know this may sound cheesy and like Idk littlekiddish if that's a word, but there are just some tracks that are so inappropriate that it makes me want to take the person who made the track and throw them into a lake. So pretty much how I think it should work that if a track is filed inappropriate that a little survey is put up next to the track that says: Should this track be banned or is it inappropriate, then if it gets a certain amount of nos then it goes down if it gets a certain amount of yeses then it goes to the head of FRHD and then he/her gets to decide...
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  2. Orbit

    Orbit Well-Known Member

    Can I have a link for one of the...inappropriate ones?
  3. Polygon

    Polygon Well-Known Member Official Author

    Orbit lol
    There already is a way to report tracks. Not sure how effective it is, though.
    I'm pretty sure that if there are sexual or offensive tracks, they will be noticed and deleted.
  4. E12

    E12 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Are u sure? All I know of is the 'Flag as Innapropriate' for comments and I'm not sure that works:cool:

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