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Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Char, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Nexus

    Nexus Well-Known Member Official Author

    There was once auto gen
  2. TheSouthAmericanGuy

    TheSouthAmericanGuy Active Member Official Author

    Char are you guys still working on the select tool?
    It would be very useful right now :p
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  3. SaberSpeed77

    SaberSpeed77 Member Official Author

    I'm not sure if anyone has said this because there were a LOT of pages I had to go through but can you add a text box. Maybe different fonts. I'm wondering because it would save me so much time to type what a person has to say rather than drawing it especially in close spaces. Also, others can type titles in their levels or even type out arrows or whole images.

    -----> : )

    Thanks for thinking about adding new wheels. Also, on the hats. Can you let users design their own or upload a file for currency or selected randomly via voting system. I would really like a budgie hat in the mix because right now I'm just stuck with the eagle head which is my soon-to-be high school's mascot lol.

    That sums up this post

    If anyone cares about me then I just created my best track (don't get your hopes up but it has 320+ plays).
    It's called Medieval Times
    Last edited: Aug 22, 2018
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  4. Max007x

    Max007x Forum Moderator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator VIP Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    ahhh the good old days when Char was doing all kinds of sick stuff
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  5. Nexus

    Nexus Well-Known Member Official Author

    lmao yeah
  6. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    Man, this is a bit of fun to read through
    Why had nobody thought of stacking the power-ups back then? Like putting two max helis on top of each other made 120 seconds.
  7. Nicholas-Opuni

    Nicholas-Opuni Well-Known Member Official Author

    That's quite interesting! :thumbsup:

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