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Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Jan 22, 2015.

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    I also noticed some changes to icons and stuff on the database. Lowkey updates strike again.
  2. pssst

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    ~ Change track names.
    ~ Track names not limited to letters or numbers.
    ~ Order tracks on profile
    ~ Delete tracks
    ~ Online saving
    ~ Hidden and Private tracks
    ~ Save multiple ghosts
    ~ Modifiable controls/key shortcuts
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  3. Pityboy

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    I'd like to add:
    - track names AND descriptions are not limited to number of characters
    What do you mean by online saving?
    I think deleting tracks should be added as a normal feature in the future but not changing track names.
  4. Elibloodthirst

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    I hate it when some alt codes and symbols are like nahhh
  5. Eric

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    Delete tracks, online saving, modifiable controls will likely be something added for all players.

    Pro Features that we would be looking to add are those that would be challenging to do for everyone but acceptable for Pros like:
    • tracks in listings have show whether you have played the track, beaten it and/or liked it
    • Random Play settings for track dates, rating, etc
    • ability to add links in comments, 500 character limit for comments, etc
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    like this post if you want 20 coins
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    Can someone gift me
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    Why would you comment on a post that has been dead for 4 years? No one is giving you coins.
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    i don’t have pro anymore lol but thx for the likes

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