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Points added, currently can earn only through first track completes

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Hey All,

    We pushed out an update today that will introduce "points" to the game. Points will be the main progression through the game.

    Points currently can only be earned by completing a track for the first time (2 pts per new track completed), since they can only be earned through completing tracks everyone should have 2*Completed Tracks worth of points. Your total points will show up in the screen complete along with any points earned, screenshot below is me blasting through a track for the first time earning 2 pts to bring my total to 724 (ya I know I got mad skills).


    We plan to award higher point totals for completion/success in campaign tracks.

    If you have any feedback, comments or questions about points let us know! World weekly and monthly leaderboards will likely be based off of points but before we get to leaderboards we have achievements and track uploading to tackle!
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  2. LiterallyJoe

    LiterallyJoe Member

    Will points be related to top times at all? I feel like a tier system should be implemented. Like so-and-so many points per one time, more for a faster time.
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  3. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    For campaigns there will be a 3 tier system for each track, example a track may have 3 tiers: beat it in less than 20 seconds, greater than 20 and less than 30 and greater than 30. Each tier would have a point total so say 15 points total if you get more than 30 seconds, 30 points total if you get the middle and 60 points total if you get the top tier.

    It would be difficult to tier out community tracks without reviewing them before hand. Does that make sense?
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  4. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    i have 582 something points i thnk wat about you islamuslim and i cant wait for the release of the campaign
  5. LiterallyJoe

    LiterallyJoe Member

    662... Need me a store. Gotta get some hats :)
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  6. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    yay i reached 600
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  7. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    i reached 600 in my 300th track

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    ISLAMUSLIM Well-Known Member

    i reached 638 on 319
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  9. Pityboy

    Pityboy Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hi Eric, can I add something here? Something like a suggestion or an idea you might like.
    What I was thinking about was points you earn depend on the number of plays on a track, and the scoring system will be a little bit more unique, such that, for example, if the number of plays on a track is 200, then the player who got first gets 200 points, while the person who got nth place earns [number of plays - (position on the leaderboard - n)]. And as more and more players are continually playing tracks, the number of plays on that track will increase. This is where it gets interesting: the points you earned previously will also increase along with the number of plays on that track, which means your points will be ever-changing.
    (Quick question: does number of plays mean the number of players who completed a track or the number of players who landed on a track regardless whether the track was completed at all?)
    However, you will not lose points, and every time you log in you can view how many points you have earned since your last log in. Also, if multiple players had their times tied they will each be awarded equal points, with their positions listed in the following diagram.
    I think this is a good idea and will keep players thinking they have a chance of beating other players by setting the best time they can instead of keep completing tracks like the current point scoring system.
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  10. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Great idea, and thanks for the suggestion.

    One of our biggest challenges with Free Rider is to take the sandbox of the game (while keeping it fully intact) and "gamifying" it without disrupting what makes Free Rider great: the open sandbox of creating your own level, playing however you like to play and interaction with the community!

    Our thinking behind awarding 2-pts for each new track completed would encourage players to discover and support other players tracks. That being said, it is the minimal number of points that will likely be rewarded. Campaigns will reward more points based on accomplishment on the track, so say, complete a campaign track in +30 seconds get 15 pts, complete in 20-30 seconds get 30 pts, complete <20s get 60 pts.

    The changing of points while not logged in could get pretty hairy doing that across 100's of thousands of accounts.

    What are your thoughts on being rewarded with a daily cap of points by randomly being paired with other racers? Example, say you have a 5-coin buy in to get randomly paired with 4 recent racers, no do overs, have to complete in one run. 1st place gets 10-coins + 10 pts, 2nd place gets 5 pts + 5 coins, 3rd place gets 0 coins + 2 pts, 4th place gets 0 coins + 1 pts.

    That would allow players that perform well on tracks to earn more points outside of the just completing tracks etc, thoughts?

    So basically this is what we are thinking for earning points (numbers are just rough):

    - 2 pts per every new world track you complete
    - 3 tiers of points that are much larger than completing a single track, will increase with track difficulty
    - [future] race mode where you earn points with a daily cap of participation
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  11. Pityboy

    Pityboy Well-Known Member Official Author

    I can agree on the above.

    But if there were to be a Tier based point system how will be each individual tracks be assessed? There may be tens of thousands of tracks out there with variable lengths (and that includes tracks that have not yet completed and tracks that are un-completable) but how can you decide in which time range you have to complete the track for each specific track? I was think about replacing Tier 1, 2 and 3 with top 3, middle 4 and bottom 3 positions in the leaderboards.

    And if you have completed that track and have set a score, someone beats your score, you can get additional points if you beat your score once again provided you beat that someone's score as well (points gained depends on the number of positions gained). The only tricky bit is when you beat your own previous score and you end up tying with player(s) (meaning you did beat your own score but not other players), you will not gain additional points.
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  12. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    yay i reached 800 points
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  13. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    will these tiers be different depending on track difficulty and length?
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  14. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    lolzzz I had ezactly 500 points when you installed this system.
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  15. MalikBilal

    MalikBilal Member

    i have 1400 points :D
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  16. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Yes sir!
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  17. LiterallyJoe

    LiterallyJoe Member

    How about points rewarded for contributing a track? I assume this would keep the community revolving around the idea of "creation". You could issue points out for each 10 thumbs up, every 25, 50, so on
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  18. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    Well thank you then. That sure is coming along nicely.
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  19. DarkSideOfTheMoon

    DarkSideOfTheMoon Active Member

    Eric will you have that track creator pause issue solved soon? I know, players are too greedy. I"m Sorry.
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  20. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    Nice to see you again, btw.

    What issue?
    (Sorry for not knowing.)
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