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New Feature Player + Friend Lifetime Leaderboards

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Char

    Char Free Rider HD Developer Official Author

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  2. DarkPlant

    DarkPlant Member

  3. DarkPlant

    DarkPlant Member

    im 248 xD
  4. codrey

    codrey Guest

    49th for points, 4th for friends and 26th for author.
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  5. Champian

    Champian Active Member Official Author

    idk if anyone said this but it mite b cool if there was a leader board or stat on your homepage that says how many times you've made it onto a leaderboard of a track or came in first place because it could show how good the people are instead of showing that they just completed a lot of tracks but it mite b a lot of work and autos would mess it up a little but just saying

    - although the only problem would be getting on leaderboards of newest tracks and other bad tracks that no one plays, it would kind of mess it up. Maybe your number of world high scores on featured tracks or something like that
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
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  6. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    16th author :D
  7. Todredrob

    Todredrob Well-Known Member Official Author

    Lol wow just wow
  8. DuBzY

    DuBzY Active Member

    Char Eric Is nothing going on for time-bound leaderboards? I'm not aware of the difficulty of creating such a feature but since you cracked leaderboards just over half a year ago, surely it shouldn't be that time-consuming?
  9. Redknight

    Redknight Member

  10. TopGuns

    TopGuns Casual Member

  11. TopGuns

    TopGuns Casual Member

    Hi does anyone want to build a track with me?
  12. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Forum Legend Official Author

    This is the wrong thread and forum entirely for that.
  13. TopGuns

    TopGuns Casual Member

    What you mean
    Wat u mean
  14. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Forum Legend Official Author

    Don't advertise collabs on this thread. Make one in "Anything and Everything Free Rider" or "Tracks".
  15. TopGuns

    TopGuns Casual Member

    Do you want to be my friend on free rider hd!
  16. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Forum Legend Official Author

  17. TopGuns

    TopGuns Casual Member

    Y not
  18. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Forum Legend Official Author

    I just don't
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  19. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Forum Legend Official Author

    Sorry, but reported
  20. waagon

    waagon Well-Known Member


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