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Oy devs read this

Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by bungo, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    I doubt you will,
    But add a mobile editor (on frhd.co). You could have done this (which people like me NEED) rather than adding **** like the antigravity (like it but is not necessary)
    Char Brett Max007x
  2. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    mobile editor sounds like it would be hard af to use
  3. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    Tablet is pretty much similar
  4. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    It’s easy af to use a tablet to make tracks, and it shouldn’t be much harder on a phone
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