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  1. SquidPlaysvroom

    SquidPlaysvroom Active Member

    I think there should be online multiplayer so you could play with your friends in REAL time!

    - It makes it more fun and real times to beat against your friends

    -There should also be online achievements and rewards

    -There should ALSO be achievement points and thats how you could also get exclusive helmets or trophies or even medals (trophies and medals can be displayed on your profile)

    pls comment
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  2. SquidPlaysvroom

    SquidPlaysvroom Active Member

    ^(I meant that trophies and medals should be added)^
  3. BrandonBishop50

    BrandonBishop50 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Why does everybody make posts about stuff the staff is already thinking about

    Points can be earned:

    • +2 points when completing a track for the first time
    • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Campaign tracks
    • (coming soon) xx-pts for success in world races
    Coins can be earned from:

    • Achievements
    • Campaigns
    • (coming at some point) Races
    • (coming at some point) Track Authors Rating / Plays
    • (coming later) Donations
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  4. FilipFildeak

    FilipFildeak New Member

    Really nice idea! I would LOVE to have that!:thumbsup:
  5. Superboody

    Superboody Well-Known Member Official Author

    Wow I would write this idea
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  6. Superboody

    Superboody Well-Known Member Official Author

    It's a good idea
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  7. xLegendx

    xLegendx Well-Known Member Official Author

    There would be problems for this. For one, it would be pretty buggy and problematic at first. Then you'd have to think about cheaters/hackers. And it would probably be pretty laggy most of the time. The game itself now doesn't handle lag very well, but with three or four other people in real time, it would be a mess.
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  8. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    This was the intent long ago, thats why they made the ghosting system like it is
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  9. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    That's a great idea but maybe have something like clan wars where you have say, a day, to race a track against a couple of other people. It'd prevent lag but still have a sense of urgency to get a good ghost.
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  10. RedOrBlue

    RedOrBlue Well-Known Member Official Author

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  11. xXxKillerxXx

    xXxKillerxXx Active Member

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