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Discussion in 'Is something broken? Let us know!' started by TallTexan, Feb 21, 2018.

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    The offline editor really needs an an update but the problem is that the teleport is currently only available to OA's and there is no way to tell if someone is an OA on the offline editor.
    So my idea is that you make the editor accept the teleport code but not able to place teleports that way people with OA could work on the editor with teleports and people without OA couldn't place them.

    Also there is a problem with the current grid sizes some people need smaller grids than the ones on the online editor and I never really saw a purpose for the larger grid sizes other than just finding the exact center of a square, but basic thinking and you could figure it out,
    A lot of people say I only use the grid so if you rely on their opinion you'd say I basically know what i'm talking about in that respect.

    Also I know of a lot of people {including myself} who only use the offline editor and they are mostly the pro's so maybe you could have some pro features on there?
    Also it's sorta pointless but I'd like to be able to sign in to the offline editor when I'm online no reason other than just the look of it:).

    Also if Y'all know about the chrome-dev, {it's where they test out the updates for chrome}maybe you could do the same thing for the offline editor meaning test out updates on there and see how they work before updating the actual game.

    And I really think you should add a offline editor moderator so that y'all don't have to waist time updating that when you have your hands full as it is worrying about the regular game

    If y'all decide to use any of my ideas please tell me:D

    I don't know if there are any other threads on this subject but anyway more than one thread just proves people agree
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    Char just for a fun fact, I started to play freerider because of the offline editor.

    I was finding games in the chrome app store when I came accross the offline editor in 2015. I was messin around and wanted to publish a track so i came to this website and got hooked.

    Please update it
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  3. HyperCube1

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    I can’t find the offline Editor anywhere in the App Store or google play store
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  5. TallTexan

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    that is the exact thing that happened to me at about the same time:)
  6. TallTexan

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    CHROME web store (pc/laptop one)
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    yep update needed
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    Me too!

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