Numeric Concept (Created By Me)

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    Numbers can be big right?

    We have a googol which is 10^100

    A googolplex, which is 10^(10^100)

    And even a googolplexian which is a '1' followed by a googolplex of zeros.

    However if all numbers were created by humans, theoretically 1=0 is a true statement, meaning all numbers are 'infinitely small' in the largest way possible.

  2. octo

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    objectively false
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  3. Inversely

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    In what world does 1 = 0
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    Yep, this is pretty much a site for nerds and artists to congregate, but I'm afraid that is a little too nerdy for me (???????)
  5. SlashDash

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    That is correct.
    However, you lost me at this:
    What do humans making numbers have to do with 1=0? Do you mean, that completely abstractly, 1=0 since numbers really have no meaning?
    Which would beg the question, what does "equals" even mean?
  6. spruce

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    Awarded Medals
    that's why I left

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