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  1. SwitchKick

    SwitchKick Well-Known Member

    Char Max007x can you try to fix some of these mobile problems

    1. Whenever you turn your phone to the side accidentally it erases all of your progress

    2. Make it so we can delete checkpoints

    3. Let us make tracks you let us on ipad
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  2. SwitchKick

    SwitchKick Well-Known Member

    Also this can happen

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  3. CaptainJack13

    CaptainJack13 Well-Known Member Official Author

    To be fair though this game wasn’t really made for phones. The website isn’t mobile optimized and they probably didn’t have phones in mind when they made the game. Tablet and PC or Mac are really the only things you’ll have an easy time playing on.
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  4. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author

    >phone support still being made

    >ur supposed to play sideways

    >go troll on reddit
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