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    Hey all,
    Wanted to drop by to give a bit of an update on what we have been working on and plans for the next couple of months.
    In the short term the team will be focused on 3 things:
    1. The first campaign that will set up a framework for us to hold public contests in the future. The 1st campaign will serve as a introduction for new players and we have already held a "beta" contest that was open to classic authors. You can already see the submitted tracks by logging out and seeing the "beginner" tracks on the home page. We are currently collecting data while we complete design and implementation of the campaign feature. We plan to release campaigns likely the week of July 7th. This will ensure that we get enough play tests and feedback on campaigns before launch as well as providing time for some of our team members to take some well deserved vacations.
    2. Sharing / Challenging Friends - we currently have 2 external / social ways of sharing / challenging tracks + the new Friend Challenge system, it is time to take a step back and figure out how to reduce options and combine the 3 systems. If you have any feedback with the current friends system / challenging we would love to hear it!
    3. Marketing / distribution - we haven't talked much about FRHD growth but we have been very encouraged with adoption and growth of the site. With summer in full effect for a lot of people growth has slowed but we expect it to pick up in the Fall and are targeting features / marketing / distribution to give FRHD a big jump. We will be releasing FRHD to some new web and mobile platforms over the next 3-4 months to help accelerate the growth of the community and get a ton of new eyes as well as old on the game.
    And the unspoken 4th thing we will be doing (as always) is fixing bugs / issues and working on any suggestions that we can squeeze in as long as it doesn't impact our major milestones and providing transparency with the community (which I am doing right now :D).
    If you support what we are doing with FRHD, are pleased with what has been produced so far and want to help us out, here is how you can do it:
    • be a positive member of the community, this does not mean we expect everyone to be happy, cheerful and gleeful all the time, we completely understand a community has a healthy mix of grumps, happy and sensible people, so be yourself but don't just troll or create conflict for the sake of creating conflict it just pulls us into situations that pull us off of developing new features etc... example, if a new player posts their first track and it is "crap" try to give them helpful critiques on how to make it better and don't be hateful!
    • give us feedback good or bad (if you have some), we read every suggestion a player has and take it into consideration
    • help promote / share Free Rider HD:
      • add / interact with us on your favorite social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit
      • if you signed up with a gmail email account (see your account settings) or installed via Chrome Webstore give our Free Rider Chrome App a 5-star rating!
    OK, I think that is all for now.
  2. Blaze06h

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    Well, this is the post I was looking for. This gives a good idea of what's coming next. I kind of wished the Beginner Tracks showed up while you're logged in (I'm aware it does if you've completed less than 10 tracks, but I'm asking for it show for everybody) because I'm afraid I won't be able to log in back (password).
    I also like the idea of simplistic rather than adding everything that comes to one's mind which usually significantly blurs the core concept of the game (which happened in some other games).
    Well, I'll try to share this game to other people. I have already done it to some extent although not in Social networks as most of them lack the brain to actually be able appreciate this game.
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    Definition of every person I have met in high school. "If it doesn't have guns, then it is not awesome."
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  4. Blaze06h

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    Ditto. Some of them even lack basic knowledge about gaming but pretend to be knowledgeable about it.
  5. Sono

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    Don't get me started.
  6. speedy__XD

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    Sweet :) can't wait to see how the campaign turns out :)
  7. FREEZ

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    Yay! Ive been waitin like a month for campaign!
    I AGREE BlazeO6h!
  8. speedy__XD

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    I seriously can not wait to see this released :D
  9. 4_Tuna

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    :thumbsup:Yay for campaign:thumbsup:

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