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  1. Wave

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    where did the leaderboard go ?...
    i tried looking for it today, if it still exists it's very well hidden...
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  2. ripsticker

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    go to the home page, and find the top bar with the different little things, like "daily achievements" and "campaign tracks." Below it, there are four small blue dots. click on the closest one to the right, and look back at the top. "Leaderboards" should be second from the right. And, Voila!
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  3. Cenrix

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    Thanks ripsticker!
  4. Volund

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    IINDIIEGO Well-Known Member

    U RE BACK Wave !!!!
    This is one of the things I didnt get lot of time, U need to go to the home page... U see little icons: Daily ACHIEVEMENTS, Number of Drawn tracks, there have to bee the leaderboard icon too
  6. Wave

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    oh yeah, didnt se that...
    well i never left, i just dont got on as often :p
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