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Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by Hashplant, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. weem

    weem Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
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  2. F-O-X

    F-O-X Well-Known Member Official Author

    His name is Angelo <3
  3. Zycerak

    Zycerak Well-Known Member Official Author

    i'm bringing this thread back to post the very first actual, unedited picture of me. and here it is:
  4. F1n1sh

    F1n1sh Well-Known Member Official Author

    Not my proudest fap
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  5. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

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  6. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    4 types of shorts in one lol nice
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  7. Ben_Ghazi

    Ben_Ghazi Well-Known Member Official Author

    [​IMG]Hi welcom to chilis
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  8. pylondude

    pylondude Well-Known Member Official Author

    MTB ride in -35'C to get to school :thumbsup:

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  9. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    I'm one of these dudes:

    Which is me?
  10. weem

    weem Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    ur the old man in the middle
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  11. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

  12. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    WheelieMaker damn, i've forgotten his name, but ended with magee, and he's brother to the old man on the right. Dunno why he's in the centre, never did much tbh
  13. Stevie.T

    Stevie.T Well-Known Member Official Author

    how do u know how many tracks have been made?
  14. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    Stevie.T very roughly, as some don't exist or have been deleted : /
    But if you go to the newest track and observe the url number.The latest track right now has the number 533420. The second newest track is 533419. Then 533418. If you play random, you'll notice the older the track is, the lower the identification number. So I think it's fair to say that 533k is roughly the amount of tracks now : p
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  15. zeke15

    zeke15 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Not 100% true. While you have the basic concept down, the track index actually starts at 50001, not 1. So if the latest track is 533420 then there are that number minus 50k tracks out there. That means we are at around 483k tracks

    PS: First track ever made
    If you put a smaller track id thatn 50001 then you get a 404 error page
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  16. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    zeke15 I did say very roughly. Isn't it 5001 btw?

    Edit: Yes, I know that they're not technically frhd tracks, but have been imported in, but I included them because you can still ghost them. The whole point of the problem was finding out a very rough percentage of how many tracks tetration had played
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  17. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    zeke15 track 50001 was the first track published, but not the first uploaded

    Edit: In fact, I think it's 1001
  18. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    Just checked, no tracks from 0 to 1000, tracks from 1001 to about 11000 something, then tracks star again at 50001, so I'm half correct : ) At least it's only about 40k that we have to subtract now
    Edit: so that means we are more on the realms of 483k-488k tracks
  19. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Are you speaking of my brother's wet swimwear on the shower door
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  20. Htebear

    Htebear Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hi welcome to chili’s.
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