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    hey i know this is probably going to change absolutely nothing but it's 2 am and i just feel the need to ramble a little bit

    if you're new here, welcome! this is a pretty cool game, and it has a nice community. everyone does know each other to some extent. but whether you're new to this game or already a fairly popular track maker, i'd like to throw some advice out there. please take this with a grain of salt as i've never really been a revered and respected trackmaker, and i don't want you to feel as if i'm some great godly artist who runs the place. but i want you guys to listen to this. if a lot of you end up considering it, you guys will end up with some great abilities.

    a very huge reason this game has changed in a negative way is because it lacks the creativity and artistry that it had previously. when this game was first created, it ended up jumping from a fun, somewhat challenging indie game all the way to a national canvas for people to express themselves in so many different ways. who would've thought? i've been playing this game for a good half-decade, and it still shocks me to see for myself the extent people have gone to to create amazing things on what was created as a small desktop game. people aren't utilizing their ability to create such great things anymore, and as much of a cliche as this point is, it blows to see all of these very simple, effortless tracks pop up on the popular page.

    but contrary to what most people think, i think that effort isn't always the key to making great tracks. sometimes it is, there's people who put a ton of effort into making their track the perfect track for them. and the track does comes out nicely. but one thing that can make trackmaking a ton of fun, and one thing that makes trackmaking really pay off, is by immersing yourself in the track. forgetting the audience. creating what you want to create. sure, some people want to create stuff that gets them likes. but you don't have to be one of those people. make the tracks you want to make, not what you hypothesize in your head that the audience will like. it doesn't even have to be a really stunning and incredible track either. if you create something that stems from your inner motivation and ingenuity to explore the possibilities that this game has to offer, or even just drawing something that you enjoy drawing in the first place, whatever you make would already be twenty times greater than anything you would've made thinking of what your audience wants, or what would get you the most likes.

    there's so many people who've given up on this game, and while i don't have the time to commit to this game anymore, i still feel like there's a chance for you new active players to change this community in a great way. i truly do believe in you guys. there might be some very old players who play, and sometimes moderate the game. but, honestly? you guys have this game's future. you guys have the ability to create some of the most stunning, creative, innovative content that this game, or hell, even the internet has ever seen in its history. please don't waste it.

    tl;dr - there is so many possibilities as to what you can create on this platform. don't waste it on something forgettable.

    love you guys. i'm always more than happy to give you more advice if you need it.
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    You deserve to be a guide more than Calculus lol.
    I'm not much of a trackmaker myself, but I suppose I've got something going with the GTU series, and there are people out there who like them, like DZ and Inversely. Have you got any advice for my tracks?
    Edit: Also, great to see you on again, haven't seen you in a while : )
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    i'll have to take a look at your tracks man, i would be glad to
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    liked your post because I have a huge ego and everything good you said already applies to me. Seriously, am I the only one to not be posting crap around here?
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    whatrusher(It is fake, you need 10+ likes to make your track get into Play Random, you don't need detail to make your track be a lot better.)
    is stronger than volumkok(fake subs maker)

    Then? What do you want to prove.
    It is all about how many plays are there, isn't it?

    Edit: need 10+ likes to make your track get into Play Random, you don't need detail to make your track become not forgetten. So why not pancakes345 votes newest tracks page 1 all the tracks with 10 likes? Fake is just fake okay?
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    i'm not saying you need detail. i'm just saying to put your heart into the track and use the possibilities.
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