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Discussion in 'Have an idea? Post it here!' started by Char, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Derpicus

    Derpicus Member

    I think you should work on a vehicle list. There is so much potential with a larger vehicle list, and I think it would help to open up some creativity. A couple suggestions for vehicles would be a sports car or off-road car, maybe. Another one could be maybe another aircraft like a plane.
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  2. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yeah I agree, your spamming irrelevant topics definitely needs to be fixed!
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  3. EmmanuelThomas

    EmmanuelThomas Active Member Official Author

    I think that it would be great if we could delete our own tracks!
  4. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    glar add chider
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  5. Empire

    Empire Well-Known Member Official Author

    You should be able to categorise your track into trial, auto, off-road, dirt jumps and like fishing so people can search for trials or whatever.
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  6. JRayge11

    JRayge11 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I think there should be invisible checkpoints or like if you pass a certain point (like you just get past somewhere) because sometimes checkpoints can make detailing not look as good
  7. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    checkpoints make you evaluate risk and your will to take it, so no
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  8. TeamPhantom

    TeamPhantom Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    They just need the CR checkpoints those don't get in the way of detail nearly as bad
  9. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    yeah i forgot for a minute that frhd ruined this game

    make all the powerups invisible honestly theyre disgusting
  10. EmmanuelThomas

    EmmanuelThomas Active Member Official Author

    I wish it was possible to change the thickness of your lines
  11. InTheSavce

    InTheSavce Well-Known Member

    i would suggest something who would stop all the
    "-Feature my track he is awesome look you featured this lil **** why do you dont feature mine ?
    -Shuddup you suck ill dont feature this"

    ill suggest to make a "noticed" section.
    all the tracks in this section would be the tracks who dont deserve a feature but wich have a really good quality. it would stabilize the featured tracks quality and give a case to the tracks and the trackmakers who need more attention. all the tracks like dover bay and basaprei copses would be here. i suggest another team to this section (maybe something like mR..A, Joelbmx and CityShep, as TeamPhantom said).
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  12. yan.dichev.9

    yan.dichev.9 Well-Known Member Official Author

    i was so happy then i ,,saw'' this.Spell it right !
  13. aedifex

    aedifex Member

    Why don't you make yearly leaderboard and monthly leaderboard, and the winner of yearly leaderboard will get 5000 coins, the winner of the monthly leaderboard will get 500 coins or something like this
  14. CityShep

    CityShep Well-Known Member Official Author

    Why don't you delete spam from the database before it gets thousands of likes

    I think that'd be a quirky and cool idea
  15. ThatOneNoob

    ThatOneNoob Active Member Official Author

    Maybe you could be able to add more accessories that come with their own special abilities. The hats should also have special power ups. Accessories could include bike customization, backpacks, gloves, etc. Char SparkleMotion
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  16. InTheSavce

    InTheSavce Well-Known Member

    hey dude this is free rider not Tom The Cat
  17. OsielSandovalCastill

    OsielSandovalCastill Well-Known Member

    Char There should be songs that we could use to make a track. That way we could sync the gameplay with the music and make creating tracks and playing tracks more fun. We could use Newgrounds or Soundcloud. Like if you agree.
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  18. OsielSandovalCastill

    OsielSandovalCastill Well-Known Member

    Only 5000 coins? They should win 50,000, if not more.
  19. aedifex

    aedifex Member

    i just gave an example
  20. OsielSandovalCastill

    OsielSandovalCastill Well-Known Member

    oh ok

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