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  1. Lynx_Titan

    Lynx_Titan Member

    Hello, this is my first post on the forums but recently I thought of an idea and decided to actually (sort of) make it, here it is.

    Profile Pictures made the same way you create a track.

    Eg. I made this track (Copy and paste into 'Draw a Track' you do have to zoom out and move forwards a bit)

    130 -a 13a 0 13u a 14s a 15g 0 15q -a 164 -u 164 -1i 164 -26 15q -2g 156 -2q,130 -a 12m -u 12m -1i 12m -26 130 -2g 13k -2q 156 -2q,130 -1i 13a -18 13u -18,13a -18 15g -18 15q -1i 15q -1s 15g -26 13a -26 130 -1s 130 -1i,13a -1s 13u -1s 13u -18,13a -1s 13a -18,15g -18 15g -1s 14s -1s 14s -18,13a -k 15g -k,12m -u 12c -18 11o -1i 114 -1i 10g -18 106 -u vs -a vs 1s vs 18 106 u 10g u 10g 18 10q 18,164 -u 16e -18 172 -1i 17m -1i 18a -18 18k -u 18u -a 18u 1s,11e 1s 11e a 11o 0 122 0,172 0 17c a 17c 1s 16o 1s 16e 26 15q 2g 156 2g 14s 26,172 0 16o 0,11e 18 114 u 10q u 10q 18,17c 18 17m u 180 u 180 18 18a 18 18a u 18k u 18u 18,17c 1s 18u 1s,vs 1s 11e 1s 122 1s 12c 26 130 2g 13k 2g 13u 26,11e 1s 11o 2g 12c 34 148 3e 14i 3e 16e 34,17c 1s 172 2g 16e 34,11o a 11o 18 122 1i 13a 1i 13k 1i,172 a 172 18 16o 1i 15g 1i 156 1i,10g 26 106 2g,10g 26 114 26 11e 2g 11e 34 114 3e 10g 3e 106 34 106 2g,11e 34 114 2q,106 34 10g 2q 114 2q,17c 2g 17m 26 18a 26 18k 2g 18k 34 18a 3e 17m 3e 17c 34 17c 2g,17c 34 17m 2q 18a 2q 18k 34,11o 34 12c 3e 12m 3o 12m 50 12m 5a 12c 5k 11o 5u 11o 5a 122 50,172 34 16e 3e 164 3o 164 50 164 5a 16e 5k 172 5u 172 5a 16o 50,172 34 17c 3e 180 3o 180 5k 17m 5u 172 68 172 5u,11o 34 11e 3e 10q 3o 10q 5k 114 5u 11o 68 11o 5u,13a 3e 130 3o 130 6s 13a 7g 13k 7q 13u 8e 148 9c 14i 9c,15g 3e 15q 3o 15q 6s 15g 7g 156 7q 14s 8e 14i 9c,130 42 13a 42 13k 4c 13u 50 148 5a 148 50 14d 4m 14i 50,15q 42 15g 42 156 4c 14s 50 14i 5a 14i 50,130 6i 13k 6i 13u 76 148 7g 148 76 14d 6s 14i 76,15g 6i 156 6i 14s 76 14i 7g 14i 76,15g 6i 15q 6i,12m 42 10q 42,164 42 180 42,14d 1u 14s 26,14d 1u 13u 26,-1i 1i p0 1i p3 1t pb 2i pi 37 pq 3q q2 4e qb 50 qk 5i qt 63 r7 6j rh 73 rs 7i s6 80 sh 8e st 8r t9 97 tl 9j u1 9u ue a8 ur ai v9 ar vn b3 105 ba 10k bh 113 bn 11i bt 122 c2 12i c6 132 c9 13j cc 144 ce 14l cf 157 cg 15g cg,-1i -u p0 -u#8o a 7q -k 7q u 8o a,7q a 26 0,7q a 2g a,7q a 2g k 2g 0,-u 2g 1i 2g -u 4m 18 4m,26 2g 26 4m 3o 4m 3o 2g 26 2g,42 2g 5a 2g,42 2g 42 4m 50 4m 50 2g,5k 4m 5k 2g 68 4c 76 2g 76 4m,aa 2g 8e 2g,8e 2q 8e 4m,8e 4c aa 4c aa 26,ak 26 au 42 bs 42 bs 26,d4 42 d4 26,cq 26 e2 26#S pk 26,S pk 26,S pu 2q,S pu 2q,S pu 2q,S pk 34,S pk 3e,S pu 3o,S q8 4m,S q8 4m,S rg 5a,S rq 5k,S rq 68,S rg 6i,S qs 6s,S qi 68,S pk 42,S pk 3e,S qi 3o,S r6 4c,S qs 5a,S r6 5u,S rq 6i,S s4 6s,S se 76,S tc 84,S tc 8e,S tc 8o,S tm 92,S ua 9m,S uk 9m,S u0 9c,S s4 8o,S rg 7g,S rg 76,S rg 7g,S so 7q,S tc 84,S ua 8o,S uu 9c,S uu 9m,S 106 au,S 10q au,S 11e b8,S 130 b8,S 130 b8,S 11e ak,S vs 9m,S v8 9c,S u0 84,S u0 84,S 114 au,S 13k bi,S 13k bi,S 148 bs,S 14i bs,S 14s cg,S 148 c6,S 130 bi,S 12m b8,S 122 au,S vs au,S v8 ak,S uk a0,S uu aa,S vs ak,S 10g au,S 10q au,S 122 b8,S 130 bi,S 130 bi,S 13a bs,S 13a bs,S 122 b8,S 10g ak,S v8 a0,S uu 9m,S uu 9m,T 15q bs

    I made a quick 'Titan' (My account name is Lynx Titan so I thought using a titan as an example would be fitting). These would be player made not require a completion point to submit, these could also be played by other players and be infinitely large. These could also have an (20x20 tile?) area where you could 'crop' and set to your profile picture (So, I'd likely crop out the head of my titan (Inside the track (Inside the long code found above)) and set that as my profile picture. Cropping would not remove it from my track think of a screenshot). I think this could be a fun type of track where users could create incredible track arts without having to worry about making it beatable or it getting a high dislike to like ratio.

    Please post your thoughts & constructive criticisms :) Thanks.
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