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How to stop forums giving u emails

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Imbetterthanyo, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Imbetterthanyo

    Imbetterthanyo Well-Known Member

    read title
  2. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    wrong place, wrong title, spam.
    - im pretty sure there is a button in the email where you can stop receiving emails
  3. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    do ur research before spamming pointless threads in wrong categories
  4. Imbetterthanyo

    Imbetterthanyo Well-Known Member

    i just found out right after i made the thread
  5. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member


    These boxes might help : )

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