How Did You Learn About Free Rider

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When did you start playing Free Rider?

  1. Free Rider

  2. Free Rider 2

  3. Canvas Rider

  4. Free Rider 3

  5. Free Rider HD

  1. gun

    gun Well-Known Member Official Author

    my older brother and his friend used to play free rider on, then he showed me and i started playing on FR2
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  2. Hardcorekid

    Hardcorekid Member

    I was on the chrome store looking for games until I find a cool looking game called free rider hd offline editor I installed it and I went to the official website. I was finding it cool so I continued playing free rider and I made myself a account.
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  3. Nexus

    Nexus Well-Known Member Official Author

    meme review
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  4. Chaos-Fallen

    Chaos-Fallen Well-Known Member Official Author

    I saw a guy at my school playing and I asked him what it was.
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