How Did You Learn About Free Rider

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When did you start playing Free Rider?

  1. Free Rider

  2. Free Rider 2

  3. Canvas Rider

  4. Free Rider 3

  5. Free Rider HD

  1. LukeSpecogna

    LukeSpecogna Well-Known Member Official Author

    Through Canvas Rider, as my friends played it and then I found this on the Chrome Web Store.
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  2. Coolman2

    Coolman2 Well-Known Member Official Author

  3. Sono

    Sono Well-Known Member Official Author

    When I was about 10 or 11 I found FR2 on .. I played that game like crazy, and probably made a total of 10-15 tracks per week and saved them in word documents on my computer. They were actually rather good, considering I was young and a noob.
    I still have yet to go back and have a look at those tracks. It would be interesting to see how far I've come.
    After playing that game to death, I took a 1-2 year break as school started to become more difficult. I also discovered the wonderful world of multiplayer FPS games, which is what all my IRL friends were playing.
    Then, one day a mixture of curiosity and boredom fulfilled me, and I went to look for FR2, but found FR3 on instead. I then played that game for about a year until FRHD came out.
    Now I spend close to 2 hours a day playing this game and browsing the forums.
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  4. ookami_san

    ookami_san Well-Known Member Official Author

    Saw some guy playing on it when I was in 3rd grade...

    - What's this?
    - It's called Free Rider 2, you draw lines and ride the track you created afterwards.
    - You mean you can actually make your own levels?
    - Yeah. It's pretty fun!
    - Did you make this? (looking at the guy's auto track, I remember it was pretty good)
    - Yah

    Later that night I had made my first track :'3
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  5. Spalding

    Spalding Well-Known Member Official Author

    Well when I was 12 my cousin showed me free rider 2 on (some of you youngins might not know what this is) I posted a few tracks that were really bad and then left for a while. I remembered about the site and found out that they had moved to what is now known as and here I met some great friends throughout my 6 years of playing free rider 2. I did end up joining canvas rider a little later but never posted and wasn't really into making tracks at that time. As time went on trackmill started to fall and become deserted. I was talking to armator the other day and she told me about this place. So I set up an account and was happy to see more active members and here we are today. The end.

    edit: best memory was probably making some wonderful friends on the forums.
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  6. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Yeah man, those were the days.
    Although I started relentlessly going on FR2DB.FR back in 2008 to cope with home problems, so thankful for what the game did for me I vowed never to leave, only to help others like it helped me.

    Max007x yeah Canvasrider was like 14th Sept 2010 (Quote me if I'm wrong, I'm doing this from mind memory, definitely Sept 2010 though)

    Spalding RFSHQ Though, damn the times.
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  7. Skeeny

    Skeeny Well-Known Member Official Author

    :) Free rider is just awesome...
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  8. CharlieHD

    CharlieHD Well-Known Member Official Author

    Funny actually, I started playing on the game similar to canvas rider named 'Etchnride'. Memories :cry::thumbsup:
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  9. CharlieHD

    CharlieHD Well-Known Member Official Author

    3 years ago, I found out everybody at my school was playing a game named EtchNride, which we used to play always at school to pass by time. After making a few tracks on this game and getting good feedback from others I started to really enjoy it. Then the game died down. I stopped playing any internet games for a while. I did love the old freeriderhd but was never really as hooked and into it as FRHD. I know not only play this game in school but outside of school. I really enjoy communicating with everyone on the forums and in my opinion, it has such a good community. So in a way I am thanking SCHOOL. Oh god. :) The End
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  10. CalCal28

    CalCal28 Well-Known Member

    I came here when me and my classmates were bored and tried to look for new games to play during class (don’t ask) and I have no idea how we found this site but hey here I am with over 18000 points 2 years later
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  11. Eryp

    Eryp Well-Known Member Official Author

    friend found FR3 in 7th grade and we played it every day before school. 4.5 years, 20000 played tracks, and 1 notable (if you can call it that) track later I've contributed next to nothing of value to this game and am still playing it
  12. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

  13. Alleyway

    Alleyway Well-Known Member Official Author

    started 6 months ago on freerider hd
  14. Pie42

    Pie42 Well-Known Member Official Author

    2-3 years ago, I found the offline editor in the Chrome Web Store. I quickly got it and made 20-30 tracks(all of which were lost a while ago). This was all at school, and I played normal freerider a bit at home. Unfortunately, I did not have any friends to play it with until the next year, where I started to play it more. I've now gotten some of my friends to start playing it, and I've managed to get over 15000 points and much more skill than what I started with. I also still don't spacebar. :)
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  15. QuinnFederle

    QuinnFederle Well-Known Member Official Author

    canvas rider 4 or so years ago, i never made an actual account. forgot about it for a few years then found frhd and made an acc.
  16. WereisTheWolf

    WereisTheWolf Active Member

    Was playing on a website called Learn 4 Free and found FR2, played it almost every day and I and my friends would collab on tracks that were just crappy auto tracks. I would then be on and off with the game. Funny story I used to make auto tracks and say it was me playing them for the street cred.
  17. Imbetterthanyo

    Imbetterthanyo Well-Known Member

    when was canvas rider actually made
  18. ShadowEagle

    ShadowEagle Well-Known Member Official Author

    I was playing on and it came up one day then I went to the official website by accident and made an account
  19. WereisTheWolf

    WereisTheWolf Active Member

    13th of September, 2010
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  20. SayStar

    SayStar Well-Known Member Official Author

    I saw someone paying free rider hd and i started to play it ever since

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