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Helicopter Race

Discussion in 'Races' started by mATTC644, Mar 8, 2018.


Do you want coins?

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  1. mATTC644

    mATTC644 Active Member

    Hi guys!

    I'm holding a helicopter race, where the person with the best time on a helicopter track wins.
    I'm not an official author, hence may not be able to give coins to winners; I'll have to ask Char to give me OA.

    If I become OA:
    First Place- 5k coins
    Second Place- 1k coins
    Third Place- 500 coins

    Best Trick Ghost- 1k coins
    Comment if you wish to enter. When I get 10 people, I'll publish the helicopter track.

    More info will be provided in the future.
  2. mATTC644

    mATTC644 Active Member

    ramoguy you're getting pro at heli. Want to join?
  3. ramoguy

    ramoguy Active Member Official Author

    hell yeah :thumbsup:
  4. mATTC644

    mATTC644 Active Member

    im making the track currently

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