Getting the best game performance on Free Rider HD

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Char, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. XxDeMoNiC-AnGeLx

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    God bless you
  2. Makar_voin

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    я тоже!
  3. Kingbob1500

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    What if you are playing on mobile
  4. GoodraFRHD

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    I think putting your device in the microwave for 69:69 will give you maximum performance
  5. Kingbob1500

    Kingbob1500 Well-Known Member

    Intructions unclear nuke has five minutes till detonation
  6. XxDeMoNiC-AnGeLx

    XxDeMoNiC-AnGeLx Well-Known Member

    Lol :thumbsdown:
  7. XxDeMoNiC-AnGeLx

    XxDeMoNiC-AnGeLx Well-Known Member

    Everyone the same spead when no short cuts and tactics ae used
  8. Kingbob1500

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    That is true
  9. Kingbob1500

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    You gave me a thumbs down that's not nice I will find you
  10. EastJR

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    Char can I have OA?
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  11. Nicholas-Opuni

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    Get yourself OA!
  12. gun

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    he can't get it himself, only the devs can give OA...
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  13. Nicholas-Opuni

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    Umm, the thing is though, I actually saw the reply in which the person typed for the past five months ago, so ergo I replied "Get yourself OA" to the people like him who haven't been replying in this thread for these past months. This to be honest is also because this user I replied to is presently inactive under some conditions.
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  14. door4

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  15. Tubiek

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    to get the best performance play on a calculator kappa
  16. crazy how a couple of lines can make almost any computer lag yet modern 3d intensive games can run fine
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  17. fil

    fil Well-Known Member Official Author

    afaik most modern game engines use fancy tricks to do as few calculations as possible; things like approximate lighting and vision culling. most 3d game engines also utilize the power of a gpu, whereas depending on the browser you use it might not be using the gpu for free rider. chrome usually does:
    personally i rarely get lag on my mediocre computer, only on gigantic tracks with loads of lines in it.
  18. ye, i have 16gb ram and i7 6700k but still lag on big tracks
  19. fil

    fil Well-Known Member Official Author

    not that it should lag without one, but...
  20. T-man_is_cool

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