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Update Friends (coming soon)

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, May 29, 2014.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    We are still working on campaigns and hope to have something out in the next 2 weeks, but have some time now so we wanted to take a crack at knocking out "friends" for FRHD which we expect to release early next week.

    Bit of a back story on why we are adding friends, one of funnest moments I have had with Free Rider HD was pre-launch when every track leaderboard was a "friend" leaderboard as we were just testing internally at the office, with friends and family. So when Ira or Char posted there best times on the leaderboard, I had a blast crushing their times (you know because I am a way better racer than them ;)) and knowing that they were struggling to re-take the best time.

    Now the world leaderboards are full of awesome riders such as Pityboy Mr_Snoogley Asierro Hashplant etc and an amateur like myself has a way to go before I can compete on their level, while their runs are awesome to watch they are pretty de-motivating competitively as I am no where close to their level.

    Our hope with Friends is that it will add a whole new dynamic to FRHD, one that we experienced in the early days when testing with friends, where it will be much easier to form rivalries with people you may know or who you consider friends, which should also be more gratifying when you smash their best time.

    OK, so to how we are thinking Friends will work (feedback would be appreciated!):
    • players can send friend requests by username
    • players can accept + decline friend requests
    • max friends of 25 (we may grow this out, but we would like "friends" to be real friends / people you are playing with to make leaderboards / rivalries more meaningful, we would like to avoid players spamming friend requests to race who has the most friends, 1000's of friends in FRHD would be kind of pointless, feedback on this number would be appreciated)
    • per track Friend Leaderboard
    • Notifications when friends post a better time than you on a track
    • there will be anti-spam features in place to prevent players from over sending requests
    • a little further down the road
      • daily achievements for beating x friend times / racing x ghosts

    If you have feedback, suggestions or comments let us know.


    ISLAMUSLIM Well-Known Member

  3. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

  4. fil

    fil Well-Known Member Official Author

    My opinion in bold.
  5. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    What do you think would be an appropriate number of friends?

    Right now we have a per track all-time best leaderboard that takes the best times from everyone in the game (that will remain as is) but we will be adding a Friend Leaderboard where if your friend has completed the track their best time will show, so basically like the leaderboard that exists now but will only show your friends best times.
  6. fil

    fil Well-Known Member Official Author

    I only have a few friends in real life, so maybe 15 or 20?

    ISLAMUSLIM Well-Known Member

    I think 25 is good
    speedy__XD likes this.
  8. Nbernier38

    Nbernier38 Member

    I agree
  9. WheelieMaker

    WheelieMaker Well-Known Member Official Author

    so we have to limit the amount of friends we have

    what is this school or something

    ISLAMUSLIM Well-Known Member

    A true friend is someone who is there for you when he'd rather be anywhere else.
    -Len Wein
    If you have only one true friend you have more than your share.
    -Thomas Fuller

  11. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    It's because some people will compete for friend count rather than track times.

    Also, Eric, there should be something like "subscription", where you'd get to see tracks made by your favorite authors.
    Pityboy likes this.
  12. la5erbeam

    la5erbeam Well-Known Member Official Author

    tHeFoX likes this.
  13. la5erbeam

    la5erbeam Well-Known Member Official Author

    You have to look in the quote..
    tHeFoX likes this.
  14. Pityboy

    Pityboy Well-Known Member Official Author

    isn't it good enough to have followers?
  15. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    yeah your right
  16. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    Followers? Like in the forum? Or is there something already like that I do not know about?
    I do not think there is something like that notifies you about tracks from particular authors.
  17. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    yeah if you mean in the forum there is smthng you dont know and i dont know wat that is but you wont know this unless you search the internet why is a carrot more orange than an orange?
  18. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    and do animals really have a sixth sense ?
    why do married people start to look like each other?
  19. Blaze06h

    Blaze06h Well-Known Member

    Yes, but I have no idea why you don't know but I'm pretty sure that horses can eat oranges without getting diabetes, so... good luck!
  20. anibalfox1152

    anibalfox1152 Well-Known Member

    i dont know the thngs you dont know

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