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FRHD News: Some Important older subjects/new News features

Discussion in 'Old News papers' started by FREEZ, Sep 18, 2014.


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  1. Embedded FRHD tracks article: Jacob did a good job

  2. Embedded FRHD tracks article: Jacob did not

  3. "Track Maker of the day" award is fair

  4. "Track Maker of the day" award is not fair

  5. The "Top 5 trending tracks" is a good idea

  6. The "Top 5 trending tracks" is not a good idea

  7. There is no reason for the "Most seen on the Forums of the day" award

  8. The "Most seen on the Forums of the day" award is a good award

  9. Jacob did well on the "Leader-board" article

  10. What?^ He did not!

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  1. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    This issue covers older but yet still important FRHD features that you may or may not know about as well as some new FRHD news features (requested by 3r4nd0n )

    Embedded FRHD Tracks On Forum!

    On September 5th Eric announced that we can embed our tracks on the forum. That means when you want to show your tracks, you don't just put the URL in like this: "http://www.freeriderhd.com/t/9991-skills-v4." Instead, you can add ?embed=true to the back of your URL (not in red!). Like this: "http://www.freeriderhd.com/t/9991-skills-v4?embed=true"
    When you do that, a little box appears in your post. It looks like this:

    Multiple Forum Members suggested the idea of an embedded feature. After enough members had talked about it the devs decided to add it. You can read the forum post about this subject here.

    All in all, I can't wait to see this feature being used around the forum. It is a good way to share tracks.

    This has been JacobCahoon , FRHD News team journalist

    New FRHD news team Journalist
    The previous article was from The FRHD News team Journalist " JacobCahoon ". He will be writing articles for the FRHD news team. You want some history? Let's see... JacobCahoon (or Jacob as we will be calling him) is an Official author. He is currently doing a racing contest by the name of "Jacob's challenge". It is already in round 5, so new contestants probably won't place, but you can still ride his fun racing tracks! Link to his challenge's forum page:

    All in all, the FRHD team is proud to have a new member (members at press time are FREEZ "editor in chief/journalist" and JacobCahoon "Journalist).

    If you would like to be on the team you can PM me to audition!

    This has been FREEZ , Editor in chief/FRHD team Journalist.

    New Awards from the FRHD team!
    • "Track Maker of the day" This award goes to the FRHD user (not necessarily forum user) who made an awesome track in the resent past. today's award goes to: tommybp for his track Fearless This is a very fun track that has some unique parts! Why dont you check it out!
    • "Most seen on the Forums of the day" award! this is for users who have been really active on the forums! todays award goes to JacobCahoon ! If you look at the threads, there are many posts by him!
    • "Top 5 trending tracks" This is different from the "best tracks of the week award" in that these are relatively new but not necessarily new. "best tracks of the week award" tracks have to be new. this award goes to the tracks:
    • #5 is i need advice do you like it by Mr_Snoogley . He did not expect this to become popular, but it seams that people "like" it.
    • Jacobs contest round 5 in #4 by our very own JacobCahoon . I guess that his challenge has gained some popularity.
    • #3 is o0O the city O0o by Serve. He does not have a forum user at the moment, but his track still deserves it's place on the trending list.
    • second place goes to Wheelies are bomb by nin10dorox This is a hold up where rider does all sorts of stunts to avoid Bombs!
    • And the coveted 1st place goes to (drum roll please!...) the track I dare you to (hold up) by LukeSpecogna ! This track is (obviously) a hold up, but it does it in such a way that makes it feel like a fun auto.
    What awards do YOU want to see in The FRHD News? comment below!
    PS: Today there will be no "best tracks of the week award" due to the last issue being less than a week ago.

    Again, this has been FREEZ

    Player, Author, and Friend Leaderboards!
    We all knew that there had to be a leaderboard. We just didn't know when it was coming. There is no more waiting because it is out!

    A couple weeks ago, the devs, Char Eric and Velksy, announced that they had just released the leaderboard. You can find the leader boards by clicking on the button that says leaderboards. The leaderboard's button is right under the campaign's button. When you click on it, it will bring you to, you guessed it, a leaderboard. The leaderboard that you are looking at right then is the player leaderboard. In other words, it shows who has the most points. At press time kroode has the most points. You can click on the number of pages to navigate through the players, once you find yourself, the rectangle that your name is in will be darker than the others. To get on the leaderboards, you need at least 1000 points and to be active in the recent past.

    Right above the page numbers is a button that says either Player Leaderboard, Friend Leaderboard, or Author Leaderboard. If you click on it, a drop-down menu will appear. If you click on the one that says Friend Leaderboard, it will show you what scores your friends have. You do not need 1000 points to get on this leaderboard. In the drop-down menu, choose Author Leaderboards. This shows how many thumbs up an author has gotten. You need at least 200 thumbs up to get on this leaderboard. It is no surprise thatiTzChuckNorris is on the top.

    With the leaderboard you can track your progression. For example, it is really cool to see how many thumbs up you have. It is also fun to have bragging rights! The leaderboards can help challenge a rider to complete more tracks, or an author to make better tracks! With the leaderboards I think we can see the amount of gameplay go up!

    This has been JacobCahoon, FRHD News Journalist.

    Thanks for reading, this has been FREEZ and JacobCahoon of the FRHD News!

    PS: Like the News? then comment showing support!
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  2. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

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  3. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    too long didn't read. it's probably wrong.
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  4. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    you are funny
    edit: how long can that take to read??? there are only 4 articles!

    unless of course your a witty bitty widdle kindergartner! Awe!
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  5. ThreeAreFour

    ThreeAreFour Well-Known Member Official Author

    I like that you expanded the best of list, to me that's like the comics section of a newspaper. I'm still doubtful of the news section but for newer people on this forum who don't really know how to dig up all of the recent happenings, it's helpful to put it all in one place like here.
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  6. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yeah, that part is the intention. We also want to wrap it up to show people the effects/causes
    I never thought of "FRHD News awards" section as the comics, but I can understand that analogy :)
    edit: 3r4nd0n if you like the new awards, do the poll!
  7. Elibloodthirst

    Elibloodthirst Well-Known Member Official Author

    I have ADHD, I can't read many things haha.. The kiddy paper seems alright though, needs more yellow.
  8. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    kiddy paper? what?
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  9. Cryogenic

    Cryogenic Well-Known Member Official Author

    Then how do you have the patience to draw all of your amazing track?!?
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  10. tommybp

    tommybp Member

    Thanks for the award mate!
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  11. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    your welcome! glad too see that your on the forum!
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  12. FREEZ

    FREEZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    does anybody have any thing else to say?
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    Nico15 Well-Known Member

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    Nico15 Well-Known Member

  15. Nico15

    Nico15 Well-Known Member

    Oh, was that me? Sorry ☺️
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    FOIL Well-Known Member Official Author

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