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Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by Cynic, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Zycerak

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    Same, some dude drove a u-haul into a bunch of people w/ an Isis flag
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  2. Stig

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    what makes the values of a right wing extremist more preferable than the values of a religious extremist? theyre both ideologies that value certain other groups of people less than others. If you're going to be critical towards immigration, make sure your thoughts are based on rational thinking and facts, and not just the need of hating other people.
    i'm a conservative myself, but unintelligent, angry alt-right people get too much attention, which kind of makes everyone who is critical of immigration become judged as racists, and thus preventing a real discussion about the subject. sometimes i wonder if the alt-right was invented by libs to manipulate simple minds, and have it their way because it makes everyone on the other side seem stupid and racist.
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  3. TeamPhantom

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    Ive always seen the alt-right type groups as leftists tbh, Hitler was a self-proclaimed socialist, KKK was always democrat and probably still is in general as far as I am concerned (although the democratic party used to be more conservative), alt right groups don't hold conservative values anyway being Anti-Semitic and anti-black.
  4. Crypt

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    sorry but i don't remember saying a motherf*cking thing about right wing extremists being any better. someone help me out here i'm obviously just too stupid to understand the nearly unintelligible babble i made in response to a terror attack because somehow i inserted something that warranted a novel of a response
  5. Inversely

    Inversely Well-Known Member Official Author

    Real answer is no one cares us individuals in a free riding community have no impact on the tangible around us. As individuals we are weak but as a community we are still weak. Lets just recount stories about our past to culminate in a fun activity we can enjoy whilst roaming or "surfing" the forums. Good day to y'all
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  6. octo

    octo Well-Known Member

    good god what is this monstrosity of a post
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  7. TeamPhantom

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    Nothing particular just saying in my eyes the alt-right isn't really right but more left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. WyattStonhouse

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    #prayfor(insert place) has pretty much no meaning due to how much it's been used.
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  9. AndrewVaughn

    AndrewVaughn Well-Known Member

    why would somebody pray for the location anyways
  10. Ishu

    Ishu Well-Known Member Official Author

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    I disagree. It definitely helps raise awareness and shows that we care about the family and friends of those who lost their lives and also that we can show solidarity as a peoples against terror attacks like vegas or paris
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  11. Inversely

    Inversely Well-Known Member Official Author

    I disagree, we as a community don't matter, we should just avoid topics like this and instead of raising awareness raise the amount of love people have for this 'dying' game.
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  12. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    Char don't you think a full year ban is a little harsh for someone who turned 14 just over a month ago. I feel like this is child abuse.
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  13. Skrampth

    Skrampth Well-Known Member Official Author

    Crypt watch your profanity
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  14. Enacted

    Enacted Well-Known Member Official Author

    Wow. It's funny how a 'chat' thread comes to such heavy political and moral debates. While I wish that it was more light-hearted, I do understand the importance of discussing your opinions and listening to others.
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  15. WyattStonhouse

    WyattStonhouse Well-Known Member Official Author

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    We won against our biggest rivalry. There was a couch lit on fire and crowd surfing on the other side of campus. Wish I could have seen that.
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  16. Enacted

    Enacted Well-Known Member Official Author

    not sure what that means, but it sounds funny!
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  17. Osiris

    Osiris Well-Known Member Official Author

    But what about upload_2017-10-8_15-59-6.png
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  18. Volund

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    Ive got a 19 page FRHD News issue ready for everyone, just waiting on Char to give the green light on it

    ST3AMPUNK Well-Known Member Official Author

    Yes! I've been waiting a while and it will give me something to do on here! :thumbsup:
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  20. xLegendx

    xLegendx Well-Known Member Official Author

    Sounds like a plan stan

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