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Free Rider HD World League Revival

Discussion in 'Races' started by FRHD_WL, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. FRHD_WL

    FRHD_WL Active Member

    Welcome guys, Inversely here, I will be taking over as the main coordinator, this is more or less an update on the original thread by Volund as the original creators have ironically become inactive as well. I will be striving with all my spare time to be starting this as soon as possible. zeke15 has also created a website that will be used, huge props to him, hopefully he can get that completely on track.

    I do not know the teams, so all team leader with enough coins, can you please pm either myself or this account the details of your team.
    Here is the original thread containing all information and rules: http://community.freeriderhd.com/th...d-league-presented-by-volund-and-empire.8068/

    Also, i dont know if anyone made a logo for this, if you have pm me, otherwise a coin reward will be given to someone who makes one.

    Cheers, hopefully we can get this on the way. Reply with any questions or ideas you have please, all suggestions are helpful, I am new to this so I might make a few mistakes.
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  2. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Well-Known Member Official Author

    Make the teams have 7 people and the average of the top 5 is counted. People aren't picked for each track
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  3. Stevie.T

    Stevie.T Well-Known Member Official Author

    Its a good idea and should happen
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  4. Whisk

    Whisk Well-Known Member Official Author

    I will come back to the main site and play in the league.
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  5. FRHD_WL

    FRHD_WL Active Member

    Its happening I just need people to read the rules and team leaders to send me a message with their team. Remember team leaders must have 20k coins to pay their team with
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