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Update Forum Rules change regarding "dating"

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eryp, Apr 28, 2021.

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  1. Eryp

    Eryp bearhugger! Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Elite Author Ghost Moderator Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Hey everyone,
    recently we received some eerie reports regarding some users asking each other about relationships, and we decided to look into it. Turns out it's a lot more perverse than the original report! Not good; we want this community to be safe and welcoming for everyone. We can't condone nor allow people 18 or older to be "dating" in any capacity with anyone really considering the dangers, especially with members who are under 18. That's both against the law and incredibly creepy, and it goes without saying that we don't want people like that in this community. With that said, we're announcing some things:
    1. People who participated in this activity and had their age listed as above 18 have been banned and won't be welcomed back to the community (in short, it's an IP ban). That kind of behavior is dangerous for everyone involved, and we can't allow anything like that to be happening here. For the people banned for this reason, we hope you can grow to recognize why that behavior is wrong and to never perform it again, but you'll have to do that elsewhere. You wont be welcomed back here. It goes without saying that a legal adult "dating" a minor in any capacity is wrong and something that shouldn't be occurring in this community in any capacity.
    2. It also came to our attention that a few people were acting in ways that were unwelcome by others, meaning they pestered people about their past relationships or about how they feel about another forum member. This kind of behavior is also unwelcome in this community since it can lead to an atmosphere where the people being targeted by such questions don't feel safe or welcome, which is obviously something that we want to avoid. Members partaking in this have also been banned
    3. Other members were found to be partaking in "mini-modding" activities and using that to leverage favors in their "relationships" on the site. This kind of clearly manipulative pattern was seen to have been occurring for a very long time, and as such we came to the conclusion that the community as a whole would be a safer place without said persons. Looking past how annoying and stupid mini-modding is, the trend of manipulative behavior sent off alarm bells and really is something we also can't condone. Users participating in this activity have been banned
    4. Users who were found to have been involved in these sorts of "relationships" in any capacity have all been evaluated and have been warned if deemed fit and assuming they weren't banned under one the previous 3 things

    Now, we do recognize there's nothing in the rules that specifically bans "online dating" like this. That's why we're updating it! Online dating is now a bannable offense. Any user found to be participating in behavior like this will be banned on the spot. The dangers that can come with dating on a site like the free rider forums are too many to count, and to allow that sort of stuff to persist here, a place meant for free rider players to come together and find common ground on the game and on other subjects, would go against everything we as a mod team (and community) stand for.
    For the users caught up in all of this, we STRONGLY urge you to read up why this kind of stuff can be dangerous and why you should avoid it. We hope you can learn and grow from this experience.
    If anyone notices this behavior continuing into the future, PLEASE report it. We can't allow it on the platform
  2. Flying_T_Rex

    Flying_T_Rex Well-Known Member Official Author

    common eryp dub
  3. YourAverageIndian

    YourAverageIndian Well-Known Member Official Author

    thx eryp. new mod, new rules, better FRHD.
  4. BoppityBop

    BoppityBop Well-Known Member Official Author

  5. Cerasium

    Cerasium Well-Known Member Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    what's gonna happen to chad fretyetitisreborn
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  6. Obbyspeeder10

    Obbyspeeder10 Well-Known Member Official Author

    does this mean i gotta change my pfp?
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  7. Terilune

    Terilune Well-Known Member Official Author

    ty eryp
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  8. YourKidding

    YourKidding Well-Known Member Official Author

    well said!
    never really noticed anything like what you mentioned above, but I totally support it!

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2021

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    i didnt see "being drunk" in rules or this post, but is it also bannable?
    SAVAGE_5, Blank_Guy and octo like this.

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    i wanna know before i say stupid stuff.
  11. pawflix

    pawflix Well-Known Member

    Use your better judgement and don't drink :thumbsup:

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    uh, but i already do lmao pawflix
    octo likes this.

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    why ban him?
  14. BoppityBop

    BoppityBop Well-Known Member Official Author

    a_drain and MadMaxx21 like this.

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    i never met him
    thats why idk
  16. RocknRoll

    RocknRoll Well-Known Member Official Author

    Eryp Nicely said love the new rules you are making a great admin

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    anyone there?

    ITAYGOUDZ Well-Known Member Official Author

    lmao as soon as i said that
  19. RocknRoll

    RocknRoll Well-Known Member Official Author

    MadMaxx21 likes this.
  20. Terilune

    Terilune Well-Known Member Official Author

    don't clog the thread
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