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Featured Tracks Information

Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by Maple, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Maple

    Maple Well-Known Member VIP Official Author

    --this is the updated version on the "guidelines on how to have your track featured", for the old thread by Max007x, follow this link: http://community.freeriderhd.com/threads/featured-tracks-information.2907/ --

    Said I was gonna do this last year, finally got down to do it. :oops:

    I thought this would be an appropriate time to update this thread with some information. Many things have changed about the feature team along with our featuring process. This post will keep those who don’t follow along with this game religiously up-to-date. This post will also cover the thinking process behind featuring tracks.

    Right now, the feature team consists of Elibloodthirst , Max007x , Stig , and I(Maple). Along with Char who occasionally taps into the matter.

    The Workings
    Original process of deciding whether a track would be featured worked by consensus; track would have to be in accord with the majority of the team. Exceptions were made to older tracks(classics) as they were acknowledged for their own past uniqueness.

    Now consensus has been dropped allowing each of us to feature whatever we deem deserving. Note that a feature moderator cannot feature their own tracks.

    New system's paradigm shift:
    - a greater amount of tracks have resulted, leading to a more active featured list
    - less struggles with tracks that are on the borderline
    - more diverse list of authors and tracks through independent decisions
    - ultimately(though not exactly intended), requirements are much more lenient

    An immediate downside to this is that the standard is far more subjective and uncertain for everyone else since each one of us feature mods have differing degrees of expectations on elements of track.

    Why Does It All Matter?
    Remember, a track is no longer evaluated upon a group standard! You now just require one moderator to deem your track feature worthy for it to get a feature. Also know, each of us have slightly different standards, appeal to different aspects, and have our own ways of thinking. What I may find feature worthy may not resonate equally with Elibloodthirst , Max007x , Stig, or Char. Know the seemingly odd ones to you on the list is the possible resultant of each mod's unique deviation from the group's standard aspects classified as "good" or "great".

    The Elusive Yet Obvious Reasons
    Background reasons that persuade or dissuade me on deciding whether something is feature worthy:

    1. Seemingly the author's first extraordinary track, we are more lax with featuring these as it serves more to encourage future growth(motivation)

    2. The abundance of a track "type", imagine if the majority of featured tracks were autos. The abundance of featured autos would demand either greater ingenuity, better quality, or substance from future wannabe featured autos.

    3. The difficulty/ complexity of what is being made(drawn). Usually we refrain from pattern drawing/ silhouettes just to fill up space in a track, it is evident the author is attempting to add more significance however they currently lack the dedication, time, or skill so they resort to mindless, easy, and fast work. Certainly there are exceptions to this, an author with good perception and good ideas can make it come through looking professional.

    4. Poor detail consistency, the author's track here suffers from a lack of consistent art style or when zooming out the track as a whole has massive gaps of detail. Of course if the track's theme is changing/ developing detail then that is totally acceptable and awesome. Overall, if there is inconsistencies make sure it is intended and tastefully done.

    5. Doesn't retain enough track essence, the art might be top-notch but it just isn't a track, just a drawing.

    6. It isn't put together. The ride-able lines are there and there are drawings present, however, they are not incorporated with each other— too disconnected.

    7. Too heavily referenced from an alternate source. Just remember some of the artists in this game, the more we draw the greater our perception becomes to details. It is evident to us what has been too heavily referenced. This is why you have certain people who don't understand why a track isn't featured while others are completely aware of what is going on. Get inspired from other people's works and incorporate unique traits into your own work, that is good. Just be sure to keep it yours by blending your own characteristics in as well.

    8. Everything is too generic. Picture a track where there is detail, there is a pleasant ride(occasional jumps), and there is some heft in the length(15-30 seconds). Sounds like a good track, it probably is, but that isn't enough! The general critical flaw of a well-rounded track: the track is a jack-of-all-trades but is master of no particular aspect/s.
    Counter this with either one or several factors: exceptional detail, genius ride, track abundance(not weighed as heavily though), incorporating interesting themes and highlight areas, something different(originality), etc.

    Overall, these points are good to keep in mind. Beware though, it is best to not get too caught up in the feature title, rather just put more focus and time on making tracks. :thumbsup:

    Straight Up Obvious
    Quoting the parts of the original post from Max007x as that is quite sufficient in track aspects.
    e; I got lazy on the last section, perhaps will go over in future.
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  2. Stig

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    I made the post to a new thread, to not have it disappear in the pages of the old one :thumbsup:
  3. StealthNation

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    Daym. Just read all this in one sitting
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  4. MA3STROSingularis

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    The post is tooo long, i won't read it! :D
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  5. Tharsis

    Tharsis Well-Known Member Official Author

    Step one:Make title My mom/Dad is dying
    Step two: Publish
    Step three (optional but my favorite): Cry in the Bathtub
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    You are confusing featured with trending ST3AMPUNK
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  8. ItsColinGuys

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    Featured. :D I wish.
  9. elq

    elq Member

    Maple you have all these 'requirements" for a featured track,
    Is there any possibility I could send you my track and you rate it whether or not it's close to featured-worthiness?
  10. Maple

    Maple Well-Known Member VIP Official Author

    Sure, send me PM.
  11. LeviAustin

    LeviAustin Well-Known Member Official Author

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  12. LeviAustin

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    Deserves a featured
  13. LeviAustin

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    I haven't seen something that good since pinn s last track
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    At the time it was
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