Devious Backstreet Forced Staff to Forget about the 'Alternate Accounts' Rule.

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    It was a dark and stormy night and Backstreet was milling suspiciously around town, desperately trying to seek out the annual FRHD staff get-together. He had to dive behind a dumpster once or twice to avoid enduring accusations by Slayed and others about how he should stop making alts. After dodging about the thirteenth regular-basis accuser, he finally saw it. A glowing window somewhere off in the distance. The shady apartment of Char and probably Brett too. He ran over instantly, concealing a miniature cylinder under his trench-coat. He dived under the window when Max007x threw a glance in his direction and almost hit his head on mi7ch 's Headstone. That was a close one. He peeked through the window once more and heard Stig, reclining on a couch, droning on about pointless things in a pointless worldview and brought up pointless solutions when he did at all. He looked around to the other corner of the musty apartment, and saw Brett and Char having a lively conversation.
    "Get this, for our next update... (chuckle) we copy and paste all the vehicles except the unicycle (which will be super annoying) from fr2 and put them in Free Rider HD." Char suggested, before taking a swig of Diet Coke.
    "Oh yeah!" Brett snickered, "And we can maybe add powerups that our users could easily make in 5 minutes!" Backstreet thought this was the time fore action, The whole staff wasn't sober at all! "And maybe the glider too!" Brett added. Maybe not sober enough. No matter, this had to happen sooner rather than later. He pulled out a blow-dart gun from his backpack, after throwing aside his Bolt-action sniper rifle, tactical shotgun, medical kit, jetpack, along with 398 units of wood, 56 units of brick, and approximately 513 bullets, shells, rockets, etc... He inserted the little cylinder into the blow-dart gun, and gave one last snicker to himself. The cylinder was actually filled a special potion he concocted that would make anybody who's bloodstream it got into instantly not care about people making alternate accounts.
    Devious little Backstreet then put the gun to his mouth, and opened the window a crack, but timed so he opened right when Stig yelled how he had no faith in humanity left so nobody would hear it. It seemed so coincidental that as soon as he was going to send the potioned projectile into Char's right thigh, he spoke up: "You know, I've been thinking. Maybe we should do something about these alts running around freely."
    "Yeah" Brett responded, "Maybe we should look into that. After all, we aren't doing anything this weekend. Or ever." foop! The dart flew into Char's side. The effect happened instantly, he straightened his back and expression, apart from a slight scowl, and he said, "What am I saying? How about we just completely forget about all the alternate accounts? Maybe even hire one or two alts as staff members? This'll be awesome, and also completely annoying for other law-abiding players."
    "Um..." Brett said (foop!) "Yeah! That's a great idea! I'll go and take down the rule in the 'terms and rules' section then-"
    "NO!" Char countered, "Keep it there! That will heighten the annoyingness of it all!"
    "Yeah, good call." (foop! foop!) Max and Stig were penetrated with two more darts. Unfortunately, Stig was hit in the head and is currently in intense care today.
    Backstreet ran off like a kidnapper usually does when it's done scoping out it's next victim, thrilled. His genius plan actually worked!
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    That’s a lot of reading and I can’t read I’m sure what you said was funny though :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    fortnite dab gif
    edit: inb4 epic calculus roast
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    great story! you can really go somewhere
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    the story of how Calculus became a staff member
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    i beg your pardon
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    just kiddin
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    Don't feel bad. I can't read either :l
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    i liked the one with tall texan better
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    Awarded Medals
    We should really get a no frhd fanfic rule ://

    E: lmao those digs at the staff
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    I'm like the only person who writes this stuff, no staff can hold me!!!
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    Can't stop reading this, Excellent job.

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