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    Hello everyone I am deciding to make a contest it is a DETAIL CONTEST, I hope to see you at the top of the list for winners if you want to be a judge let me know you would have to pay 500 Coins for fee, If you want bigger prizes for every donation I get the first place prize will go up by that much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let me know down low if you are in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • 15 or more Authors have to enter or else there will not be a winner.
    • Track must be Entered in by: October 20th any after will not be looked upon.
    • Collabs are welcome but you will have to split the winnings if you win.
    • Track must be 20 Seconds Long.
    • Any kind of track is welcome.
    • 1st Place will win 5000 Coins
    • 2nd Place will win 1000 Coins
    • 3rd Place will win 500 Coins
    Thanks for reading and I hope you enter let friends know :)
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    srry wrong place

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