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Dec 18th - Race/Ghost Links Functional!

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Eric, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Hey All,

    Next week the office will be relatively quiet so we are making a push to get race/ghost link full support out. Right now we have it so that if you know the link and type it in you can load another players ghost without any of the supporting UI to clarify that a ghost is loaded. We will hopefully get some UI to make this clear per track in this week as well as making it functional on mobile, right now it will only work for desktop!

    Until we get the ghost sharing UI in, you can link to your ghosts by appending /r/username to the end of the track link you have a ghost for.

    Check out my ghost + a ghost loaded up with multiple tracks! The multiple races is pretty cool if I do say so myself. Let us know if ghost links are useful or any other feedback.



    For ghosts don't forget you can "tab" to change camera focus.
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  2. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Well today was a busy day! We released 2 new features today:
    1. Notification Settings - right now we only have the one notification when you are passed on a top 10 track leaderboard and are currently not sending out emails. As we add more notifications we will add the ability to disable/enable.
    2. Race challenge link sharing! I announced the ability to link ghosts this morning but with some head down coding Char was able to crack out the UI quicker than expected so we released that late today. We are still missing some functionality for mobile which we will be working on tomorrow most likely. If you have completed a track, clicking the new checkered flag icon by the share icon under the game will bring up your race link with options to share. We will be looking to expand on this with notifications when someone beats your ghost head to head, right now it will just give you the ability to share your best ghost externally.
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  3. Stig

    Stig Stig VIP Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    There should only be 1 notification per track when someone passes your time, ex: "Eric just passed your high score in Cool trial track! There may be more passings after this", (passings is a bad choice of word, but neither is english my first language) like the forum alerts. I find myself so drowned up in notifications I don't bother checking them. I have 14 completed tracks fyi.

    Also track likes and comments should be included in the notifications. I mostly just enjoy making tracks, rather than playing, and therefore feedback is more relevant than highscores, to atleast myself. I reckon most people in general would appreciate this aswell.
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  4. Corn

    Corn Active Member Official Author

    It'd be cool if you could choose the tracks you want to 'watch', and get notifications from. In the notification settings you could switch from the default of automatically watching tracks you beat to manually doing it. A lot of times you have these little battles with someone for 1st place, but other times you're just doing it for fun and stuff.
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  5. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    I like you am getting a ton of notifications but unlike you I have completed +100 tracks. Since there are +10k tracks on FRHD with lots of room on the track leaderboards, if you are the first person to complete a track you are setting yourself up for potentially 10 notifications. Right now the flood of notifications in part is a symptom of being an early adopter so it is tough to say how big of an issue it will be once the leaderboards all get filled with top times. I do agree that there could be some tuning to filter out repeat passes but not sure how much time to spend on it until we get more realistic behaviour to make a decision on.

    For authors specifically we are definitely interested in putting in notifications around likes, comments, etc and is something we will be doing once we get going on the creator.
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  6. Eric

    Eric Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Official Author

    Individual track notification settings may be possible, would just require more settings. If you knew the place you were bumped too would that help?

    Like: "Eric just passed your high score in Twisting Nether 2, you are now #2!"
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  7. pssst

    pssst Forum Legend Elite Author Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    Maybe like a "follow this track button" which is automatically selected after making a ghost and can be pressed again to unfollow.
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  8. DarkPlant

    DarkPlant Member

    Would be awesome!
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  9. ItsColinGuys

    ItsColinGuys Well-Known Member Official Author

    4 years and no bumps on this yet? Impressive.

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