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Discussion in 'Tracks' started by xwinx, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. xwinx

    xwinx Well-Known Member Official Author

    I have a pretty cool snow track in the works if anybody wants to collab on it lemme know because its not my main concern atm. (PM me for the code)
    Secondly, I have an old compound/ north shore kinda track (PM me for the code)
    I will only send you the code if I feel you can do justice to the tracks and youll actually finish them for me :)
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  2. sushi_lover456

    sushi_lover456 Well-Known Member Official Author

    i would, but i dont care for this game sorry
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  3. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

  4. Croly

    Croly Member

    Sure I’ll help

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