Can someone help me get a fortnite: victory royale?

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  1. bungo

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    I have fortnite never got down to playin it
  2. DuBzY

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    • Play conservatively.
    • Fight out of necessity, not desire.
    • You win the game by surviving not amt of kills.
    • Keep your back to the water.
    • Don't jump out the battle bus until the last moment, then look around and choose a spot where no one else is going.
    • Loot stuff around you quickly and efficiently, but try and stay hidden.
    • Stick to the Storm. (Always move around the edge of the current circle and move to the next smaller circle so you get there just in time so the Storm doesn't catch you).
    • Harvest resources (Wood,Stone and Metal) so you can build bases in the endgame to protect yourself.

    Following these tips, you have like 80% chance of making top 10 (In my experience). If you know how to build bases properly you're on to a winner.

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