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New Feature Blob Powerup!

Discussion in 'Game changes and Updates' started by Brett, May 10, 2018.


Do you like the vehicle

  1. Yes

    32 vote(s)
  2. No

    7 vote(s)
  1. Brett

    Brett Free Rider HD Developer Official Author

    Hello all,

    We have just released the Blob Powerup! Let us know what you think!

    Lets start making some Blob tracks!
    pawflix, a_drain, Whisk and 4 others like this.
  2. hmmmtodayiwill

    hmmmtodayiwill Well-Known Member

    Awesome new updates :)
  3. Eryp

    Eryp bearhugger! Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Elite Author Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    wow this doesn't suck ass whoo
  4. hmmmtodayiwill

    hmmmtodayiwill Well-Known Member

    That’s what I was thinking as well
  5. hmmmtodayiwill

    hmmmtodayiwill Well-Known Member

    Hey quick question is it invincible?
  6. weem

    weem FREE RIDER LEGEND Elite Author Official Author

    Awarded Medals

    wat hapen to blob
  7. Brett

    Brett Free Rider HD Developer Official Author

    Only dies to bombs like the Truck.
    a_drain likes this.
  8. Sentinal

    Sentinal Casual Member Official Author

    awsome brett!!!! what is the next powerup?
  9. jroles

    jroles Well-Known Member

    OMFG it happened this update is what i've been waiting 3 years for lets go I'm back bebes
    Logeton, cctvcctvcctv and Calculus like this.
  10. gun

    gun Forum Legend Official Author

    I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS, FINALLY. The power does look kinda strange tho. I mean its not even square. please make the outline a bit thicker and make it a square size :)
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
  11. Lollipoop00

    Lollipoop00 Well-Known Member Official Author

    yea its true it's not even square... btw u spelled exited not excited....
  12. Brett

    Brett Free Rider HD Developer Official Author

    Do you mean it doesn't have pointed corners, but instead it has rounded corners?
  13. DanielDoncila

    DanielDoncila Casual Member

    It need pointed cornners who wants round corners
  14. Calculus

    Calculus Administrator Staff Member Administrator Forum Moderator Ghost Moderator Official Author

    Awarded Medals
    woah! your alive!
  15. BattleBro

    BattleBro Well-Known Member Official Author

    Who really cares.
    oq38476tyVBc964t likes this.
  16. cctvcctvcctv

    cctvcctvcctv Well-Known Member

    rounded corners makes it look smoother.
    GoodraFRHD likes this.
  17. GoodraFRHD

    GoodraFRHD Well-Known Member

    Pointed corners < round corners < no corners
  18. gun

    gun Forum Legend Official Author

    No the corners are fine, but the shape isnt square, it kind of looks like it has been squashed.
    I actually just got out my ruler, the width is greater than the height, this is a rectangle not a square.
  19. Brett

    Brett Free Rider HD Developer Official Author

    Thats a good catch! This is true, the icon appears to be a slight rectangle. As for the actual Blob PowerUp it is square in game. It can appear squished when it is resting on a track surface because of the forces acting on it.

    1) Gravity is trying to push down on the Blob
    2) Track surface is trying to push up against the Blob.

    (Note: this is a simplified example. Their can be many other forces acting on it, such as: powerups, other track segments, etc. :))

    Since the Blob uses springs to keep its square shape, the forces from gravity and the track slightly squish it because the springs can only handle so much force. This is also the reason why exerting excessive force on any of the vehicles can cause the vehicle to be misshaped.

    Hope that helps!
    a_drain, cctvcctvcctv and gun like this.
  20. BattleBro

    BattleBro Well-Known Member Official Author

    gun likes this.

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