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Discussion in 'Anything and everything Free Rider' started by weem, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. weem

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    in your opinion, what is the best track that is not featured?
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  2. Inversely

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  3. Volund

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  4. JerryAxi

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    Poe man's life by weem

    Temple by alexander

    The second empire by Stig and mr..a

    Forlorn Planet by TP

    Witchmist by Maple

    Btw these are just ones that haven't been mentioned yet and ones I thought were pretty cool
    I agree with Volund's list
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  5. Eryp

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    dreamt place
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  6. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author : I am honestly surprised this isn't featured. It is one of the largest tracks on Free Rider while having decent detail and outstanding shaping of the castle. I can see why they didn't feature it, it was sloppy on a 100% zoom, but this track was intended to be viewed at 20% zoom, which is extremely cool when you zoom out all the way to 20%. Honestly if they feature this track, then I am pretty sure this one should be featured, too. : There honestly is no reason why this shouldn't be featured. Sure it's a bit unfinished, but it's barely unfinished. Just the mountains stopping and not much background at the end. Even though it's unfinished, it is detailed thoroughly and originally. I honestly don't see the point of not featuring a track like that just because it is slightly unfinished. It is overall a better track than most featured tracks. : Ok, so it's unfinished, but I think there was a lot of quality and quantity, but just not enough time. He had less than 3 months to completely finish a track that probably takes 5 months to finish. He made great progress and honestly deserves a feat and a higher rank in the Official Contest. It was probably, because Stig has beef with him. The level of detail is good enough to overwhelm the fact it's slightly unfinished. He honestly just made it more unfinished looking by leaving the contour lines. : I am still confused why this isn't featured, it is a little sloppy in some parts, but overall a well developed track and meets all the requirements of a featured track. It also in my opinion has a creative flow for a track like that. I honestly think this has to do with one of the feat mods hating on xwinx. Remember when Stig was making up so many stupid excuses for why Woodland ft. Wave took forever to get featured. I think some of these tracks aren't featured, because of the unfairness of some feat mods. : Probably not feat worthy, but a very good non-featured track. Another example of a track that should be featured, but isn't featured for unknown reasons. This is probably one of my favorite tracks of all time, and it isn't even featured. : This track is very nice and really shows how great of an artist wave is. Probably the coolest mountains in all of Free Rider are all here.
    I decided to not finish this, because most likely this won't be approved by a mod or admin :(

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