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Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by cctvcctvcctv, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Slayed

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    dont knock the cocksock
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  2. Phase

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    I still wear those sexy diapers like a boss
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  3. HyperCube1

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  4. BattleBro

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    Good point! Thank you for your strong arguements in this thread;)
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  5. genericusername

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  6. octo

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    the shape of water sucked and should not have won best picture
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  7. AndrewVaughn

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    Pick a side
  8. zeke15

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    Nah bro. Boxer-briefs are great
  9. Crypt

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    tfw youtube disables view count, ratings, and comments from a video that is critical of white south africans being carved up like cattle and of illegal schools instilling books to young "kids of a religion the news organization wont mention even though the top corner of the book is written in arabic" that include such gems as "women who deserve to go to hell" and "a wife cannot refuse sexual intercourse without a sound reason"

    ahh our marxist future looks fun
  10. genericusername

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  11. Eryp

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    3 billboards outside ebbing missouri >>>>>
  12. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    arabic doesnt indicate islam
  13. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

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    Which other Arabic religion would write stuff about women not being able to refuse sexual intercourse with a man?
  14. Ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet Well-Known Member Official Author

    I hate this thread, what are your opinions...
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  15. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    If you knew anything about islam, you would know that intercourse before marriage is one of the worst sins. And once married it is entirely upto both parties.

    Islam is just a scapegoat nowadays. smh
  16. Crypt

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    Oh poor islam i feel so bad for the most barbaric religion currently alive like how dare we criticize it, don't you know how moral it is to kill the non-believer? clearly we are just misrepresenting the peaceful ways of driving trucks through crowds and arming 8 year old kids, and organizing rape gangs to hurt and dehumanize western women because of their wrongthink is clearly okay. those harlots wearing skinny jeans and tank tops...they pretty much deserve it. like damn i guess i got it all wrong about honor killings, maybe those girls who want to leave an oppressive religion deserve to be buried up to their neck and have rocks pelted at their skulls until they cave in. or maybe that sh*t about women needing male witnesses to're clearly right and im wrong, islam has taught me the truth about how incompetent women are! i mean they can't even see through their islamic beekeeper suit, so of course men would be needed to testify in a court about rape. i could go on but i probably shouldnt, i wouldnt wanna be put before a sharia court in uk and be beheaded. then again i wont talk any more negatives on pisslam b/c i wanna be PC now.

    srs, islam is possibly the greatest cancer known to man and i feel sorry for anyone duped by it, or anyone who isn't even able to know any better thanks to the lack of any freedom.
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  17. bungo

    bungo Well-Known Member

    Just a whole bunch of far right **** gossip spread amongst you. Spend time studying the religion (not from your fellow klansmen) and see what it’s really about
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  18. Slayed

    Slayed Well-Known Member Official Author

    i really wish this thread didn’t exist anymore, it’s just turned into cancer
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  19. Reborn

    Reborn Well-Known Member Official Author

    tldr lol calm down loser, if you care so much about women you should go out and talk to one instead of ranting about your political opinions to a bunch of prebuscent boys.
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  20. Crypt

    Crypt Well-Known Member Official Author

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    Ya ur right those attacks never happened

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