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Announcement: Free Rider HD World League, presented by Volund and Empire

Discussion in 'Races' started by FRHD_WL, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. FRHD_WL

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    Welcome to the new and improved spin-off of the NFRL, the Free Rider HD World League. The previous competition, hosted by RiderExtreme2 , fell apart due to the host becoming inactive; however this has been solved, with Volund creating a new competition.

    The difference between this and the NFRL
    The idea and rules are quite similar to the previous competition, with the main difference being the introduction of a track-maker into the team. The competition will be made up of 8 teams of four members (unless more want in), with each team including three ghosters and a trackmaker. All are required to ghost, however, the significance of the trackmaker is that he has a week to create a track which best benefits the ghosters in his team. Basically, the trackmaker creates a home ground advantage, and could be the difference between winning or losing a round.

    Updated Rulebook
    Can be found here:
    FRHD World League Rulebook (open)

    FRHD World League

    Section 1-Trades/Drafts/Free Agency

    Section 2-Bans/Fines/Suspensions

    Section 3-Matches

    Section 4-Tracks and Trackmakers

    Section 5-Ghosting Restrictions

    Section 6-Contracts


    Section 1: Trades/Drafts/Free Agency

    1.1 All proposed trades must be submitted to and approved by the League Presidents, Volund and Empire, in order to ensure there isn’t purposeful stacking of a singular team. Please allow one day before receiving a response.

    1.2 There may be no more trades following the completion of the Team-Draft Period. Trading is only permitted during the off-season and the Team-Draft Period.

    1.3 The FRHD World League Draft will occur at the beginning of each season, in which players and leaders may decide whether to leave or stay in their teams. This is officially handled by the League President(s). During this time new teams can be created, or old ones can be disbanded. Unofficial trading begins at the end of a season and ends at the start of a season. This is handled privately by FRHD World League team leaders, although team changes need to be reported to the FRHD World League account and/or thread.

    1.4 Following the end of a contract, the involved player and team will have a week to negotiate a new contract. After that one week period, the player will become a free agent and may sign with any FRHD World League team. Contracts must last at least one season, and cannot end before the end of a season.

    1.5 There will be a salary cap of 20,000 coins in order to make sure wealthy team owners can't dominate the league.

    Section 2: Bans/Fines/Suspensions

    2.1 Bans, fines and suspensions can result from any violation of rules stated in the rule book.

    2.2 Bans, fines and suspensions may be distributed for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    2.3 A fine will be handed to any track-maker who does not submit a track by the due date. This will be subtracted from their overall season payment.

    2.4 A fine will be handed to any ghoster who does not submit a ghost by the due date. This will be subtracted from their overall season payment.

    2.4 Bans, fines and suspensions will be assigned at the League Board and/or the League President’s discretion.

    Section 3: Matches

    3.1 There will be 8 matches in a season.

    3.2 Matches will have specially designed tracks made to test the player’s abilities.

    3.3 Team owners must submit a list of the four riders participating in that week’s match at least 2 days before the match, and must submit the track creator and (if applicable) bench for that match.

    3.4 If no list is submitted before the match starts, then the list will be based off of the starters in the draft of the last list submitted.

    3.5 The playoffs will consist of a match between the 1st & 4th placed teams and another match between the 2nd and 3rd teams. The winners of those matches will proceed to the championship match. The bottom four teams may (if desired) play a losers bracket, in which the 5th and 8th placed teams and the 6th and 7th placed teams may play a mock version of the playoffs.

    3.6 In order to participate in a match, you must be on a FRHD World League team.

    Section 4: Tracks and trackmakers

    4.1 Trackmakers will create a track for their specified team’s week. For instance Team 1’s trackmaker will create a track for Week 1 of the competition, week 2’s track would be made by Team 2’s trackmaker and so on. This adds an advantage to the home team to make the competition more interesting.

    4.2 Trackmakers can create a track based around their team’s ability to help give their team an advantage during their week.

    4.3 Trackmakers must PM Empire and Volund before the drafting begins and they will be entered into the draft

    4.4 There will only be 1 trackmaker in each team

    Section 5: Ghosting restrictions:

    5.1 You may not use a lag generator or any tool that slows down your computer. Spacebarring will be allowed

    5.2 You cannot get another person to ghost for you. If you are suspected of this then we will issue IP checks. If found to be breaking this rule you will be permanently banned from the competition.

    Section 6: Contracts

    6.1 Will be signed between the team owners and the players. Copies of each contract must be sent to the League President to be archived in case of conflicts.

    6.2 For a player’s first season, contracts may only last one season. After this, contracts may last up to 4 seasons.

    6.3 All coins promised to the player must be paid by one week following the championship match.

    6.4 If a player has a signing bonus then that must be paid a week before the start of the season.

    General Knowledge
    Anyone who wishes to create a team must have 20k FRHD coins to pay their team with, and a team can only compete when they have 3 ghosters and 1 trackmaker.
    Once 8 teams have been created, and the Official Draft Period ending, the season will begin, with team A creating a track for teams A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H to race on.
    The ladder will be created with the top teams having the lowest combined time (or lowest average, it's yet to be decided; what do you think?), and the bottom teams having the highest combined time.
    After 8 rounds (in which each team will have made one track) the top 4 teams will play in the Championship matches, to play for the Free Rider HD World League title. 1st will play 4th, and 2nd will play 3rd. The subsequent winners will advance to the Grand Final, where a prize of *undecided* amount of coins and *possibly* custom hats can be won.
    At the conclusion of the first season, the teams will go through an unofficial trade period where each player and member of each team decides whether they want to continue playing for their team, or wants to be traded to another.
    After two weeks of this, the Official Draft will begin, where new teams and new members can be created and drafted. Then the process will repeat itself.

    We would love to have a logo for this contest, if you are interested let us know! Substantial coin reward for anyone who does create one.
    We may also look at creating 1st place medals for the top-of-the-table finishers and the winner of the grand final, if you wish to help please do! Coins up for grabs.

    Thank you!
    Cheers for reading, and apologies if any of this seems confusing. I'm very tired. Here's to a successful first season of the Free Rider HD World League!

    Season 1
    Season 1 will commence once teams, members and the fixture has been sorted out.
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  2. Empire

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  3. Sycamore

    Sycamore Well-Known Member

    I can make a logo
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  4. Sycamore

    Sycamore Well-Known Member

    I have made a logo
  5. Empire

    Empire Well-Known Member Official Author

    PM us
  6. Wisteria

    Wisteria Well-Known Member Official Author

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  7. BrandonBishop50

    BrandonBishop50 Well-Known Member Official Author

    I can own a team, I have 60k... so no problem in the coins factor
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  8. pssst

    pssst Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'll host a team, but Im not gonna buy the coins until needed.
  9. Empire

    Empire Well-Known Member Official Author

    PM us
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  10. E12

    E12 Well-Known Member Official Author

    Entering as a ghoster
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  11. TeamPhantom

    TeamPhantom Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'll enter as a Trackmaker
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  12. Whisk

    Whisk Well-Known Member Official Author

    I'm in as a ProGhoster
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  13. Empire

    Empire Well-Known Member Official Author

    Hold your horses. You can enter for the draft when the thread comes out.
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  14. Whisk

    Whisk Well-Known Member Official Author

    K m8
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  15. FRHD_WL

    FRHD_WL Active Member

    We're going to give this a week to gauge numbers. If you want to create a team, let us know in pms or in here. If you want to participate as a ghoster/trackmaker, wait until we have created the official draft thread in which you will be chosen by team leaders
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  16. Ninjasparkour

    Ninjasparkour Well-Known Member Official Author

    What's the point if nobody is being picked?
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  17. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    What does that mean?
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  18. Ninjasparkour

    Ninjasparkour Well-Known Member Official Author

    I think you know what I mean
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  19. Phase

    Phase Well-Known Member Official Author

    I am very bad at context
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  20. Ninjasparkour

    Ninjasparkour Well-Known Member Official Author

    Well I cannot think of another explanation
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