Angry FRHD Members lead Riot in Texas

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    It has been reported that DeathBob1 has led a city-wide march in the hometown of TallTexan just a little less than a month after his track "Midnight Parkour" was featured.
    "This is just terrible!" DeathBob1 said in an interview mid-march, "I can't just stand idle while we desecrate the meaning and purity of a Featured track!"
    Many protesters began throwing rocks through the windows of \_(0_0)_/ TallTexan Tower \_(0_0)_/. Employees of TallTexan leaned out the windows of the tower screaming "Leave us and our grid alone!"
    "We wanna see TallTexan!" DeathBob1 shouted. "He says he's working on something big and cannot be disturbed! Not even by Collaberation seekers!" AdrionChapa, head of marketing said about 13 stories up.
    Char popped his head out of window momentarily to view the riot, and concealed himself just as fast like a meerkat.

    The protest got even more ugly as Slayed and Inversely joined in and started throwing out pointless arguments towards TallTexan, leading a new gang of aimless people who didn't really have a say in the matter, but just wanted to pile on.
    The local police force led by Stig cleared the protest with tear gas and the 'jealousy' approach.

    Local celebrities like Elibloodthirst and WyattStonhouse tried to keep a fashionable bias stance towards the matter, as they didn't want to lose their fame in choosing a side.
    Max007x was clearly heated as he was the one who gave the track a feature, but nobody could quite tell if he was just embarrassed, or stubborn.

    TallTexan later tweeted out "\_(0_0)_/ seriously y'all! I done did put a mighty large amount of effort into my track, and all the other folks on Free Rider done do agree with me! \_(0_0)_/ Y'all just got the jeebers on me 'cause you can't use the grid! \_(0_0)_/"
    an anonymous comment that was clearly from DeathBob1 stated "This isn't over!"

    Stay tuned for the next article where you might learn that you yourself are actually an alt of Backstreet. Results might shock you.

    This article is not meant to offend or praise TallTexan or DeathBob1. If you have any complaints, take it up to Brett.
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    how can u have the time to do this
    edit :spooder approves
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    BattleBro Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.
    You should definitely join Volund 's news team, he'd be looking for a talented journalist like you : )
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  4. BattleBro

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    Yeah, it's about time someone shared some real news in the newspaper for once.
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    Lolz funny thread!
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    lovely! i followed for more
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    Thanks! I seriously am thinking of making a 'Are you Backstreets alt?' Quiz.
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    Who’s This BackStreet guy?
  9. BattleBro

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  10. Dislike12

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    I can tell he’s a cusser
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    Awarded Medals
    Well idk what to think about this thread but I enjoy the humer behind it good job BattleBro
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    good to see the beef has calmed
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    Like the humor!
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    Very well written. You have too much time on your hands.
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    Approved! :)
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    Lol funny!
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    Real funny, can’t wait till the next one
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    BattleBro May I please collaborate with you to make the "articles"? I'm part of my school's newspaper
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    Took me 2 mins to write this down

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