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Discussion in 'Anything and Everything not Free Rider' started by alexander, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Bikerchicken

    Bikerchicken Well-Known Member Official Author

  2. Bikerchicken

    Bikerchicken Well-Known Member Official Author

    1. Omen by Maple
    2. Giant Skatepark
    3. ItsColinGuys mudkip spruce WyattStonhouse Jonas537 @Doodlenut KORREKT dneale
    4. Something detailed, not generic, and something that has visible effort.
    5. Moving objects.
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  3. ItsColinGuys

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  4. ThreeAreFour

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    1. what is your favorite track?
    I can't even remember lol.

    2. what is your best track?
    I think Buried Facility represents my best work, though it pales in comparison to most other authors.

    3. who is your favorite user?
    Too many to choose from. :)

    4. what makes a track good?
    Length, detail, difficulty, fun, originality, and effort. A good track can balance most of those, a great track can balance all of them.

    5. what do you add to FRHD?
    Absolutely, 100% nothing.
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  5. JerryAxi

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    1. Really liked Jason and the Argonauts by Wave

    2. Not a very good trackmaker, but I'd think that my most recent track/s (Machinery Compound, Mystic Islands, Lush) would be my best works

    3. Probably Ishu or Nitrogeneric

    4. Creativity, detail, and integration of the ride

    5. Not much, a track every once in a while
  6. Tharsis

    Tharsis Well-Known Member Official Author

    1. Any Track that says either my Dad/Mom died or Bring Prl back.
    2. any one of prl's tracks
    4. Lying in the title, putting no detail, Putting a crap load of power-ups, have '" twist endings", Crossroads telling you to go one way but its a trap.
    5 honestly when i get on and have no notifications i fill up my bath tub with tears

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